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Protest band mercilessly mocks the likes of Trump and Putin

images of band members three with life like masks of Putin, Trump & Kim Jong-un

Protest Band Beldon Haigh

Scary facemasks, anarchic viral videos & angry lyrics. Meet the protest band resonating with the quiet masses by mercilessly mocking the likes of Trump & Putin

I think there's a growing awareness that the world is run by a tiny number of individuals who seize wealth and power, whilst the rest of us get poorer and are fobbed off with fake news and lies”
— Beldon Haigh

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 3, 2023 / -- Introducing....


Irreverent rock anthem is released by

Beldon Haigh and the Mother of All Bands

On Friday 3rd February, Scotland's enigmatic protest band, Beldon Haigh and the Mother of All Bands, released their latest nihilistic single, *Dumpster Fire*.

The message in the new single and accompanying video is: "Everybody can see there's something wrong". But in *Dumpster Fire*, the hipster rock act - known for their menacing facemasks, dark humour and provocative lyrics - have clearly got it right.

As soon as the song kicks in you can't help but be arrested by the hooks, the pace, the searing slide guitars, and above all the message. *Dumpster Fire* takes you on a sinister journey into a Britain that's gone to the dogs and a world synonymous with lies, war and power-hungry leaders.

Brilliantly produced by Beldon and the band, and expertly mixed by Ryan Benyo, the recording is raw, electric and disruptive: the hallmarks of a band currently resonating with the mood of the nation.

The drums, the guitars and the vocals mesh together to deliver a driving performance that grabs the listener from the first beat to the last and has the potential to become one of the guitar anthems of 2023.

Beldon has been compared to Elvis Costello, and lyrically *Dumpster Fire* continues that theme, it's an irreverent romp with melodic pop hooks, which takes no prisoners in its quest to 'Burn it down.'

The accompanying video speaks to pure anarchy, casting Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un as punks who launch an orgy of destruction, burning books and priceless works of art to symbolise everything that's wrong in the world.

Acclaimed reviewer John Robb previously wrote of the band: "Beldon Haigh sound like a million car radios in an endless traffic jam. They sound like the sugar pop that is at the heart of most record collections. They mash soul power horns, trad guitars and warm keyboards into deceptively pretty songs that bite with the lyrics of an Elvis Costello who has had enough."

While there is something sinister, intriguing, and funny in the way it all comes together, don't be fooled into thinking this is only about social comment. This is exceptional music performed by highly accomplished musicians.

** Dumpster Fire was released on Friday 3rd February and is available on
iTunes and Amazon. *


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Dumpster Fire