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Top 10 Reasons to Earn a Naval-Relevant AS in Aviation Maintenance

This degree will be offered in partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and will include a Naval Studies Certificate embedded in the program. Here are the top ten reasons you should apply for the AS in Aviation Maintenance with USNCC:

  1. Opportunities for advancement: Knowing more about aviation maintenance makes you a better maintainer. This means you will stand out amongst your peers when it comes to the work you do in the military and the field of aviation maintenance.

  2. Strong demand for skilled technicians: Both within the military and after your time in uniform, there is a strong demand for skilled technicians in the aviation industry. With a growing need for maintenance and repair of aircraft, having a degree in aviation maintenance makes you a stronger candidate for a continued career in the aviation industry.

  3. Transferable skill sets: The technical skills and knowledge you gain from an Associate of Science in Aviation Maintenance are transferable to other industries, including the automotive industry and the aerospace industry.

  4. Overseas and travel opportunities: If you enjoy your overseas duty assignments, continuing your career in the aviation industry after your time in service allows you opportunities to continue working overseas. With airports around the world, there are aircraft everywhere that need good maintenance technicians to keep them flying.

  5. Zero-cost education: As a USNCC student, your tuition, books, and course fees are covered. This means you can focus on earning your education without having to worry about how the next course will be funded.

  6. Career growth opportunities: Continuing education earns you points in the Marine Corps, and an associate degree earns you two points on your advancement exam in the Navy. This translates directly to increased promotion opportunities and more money in your bank account.

  7. Dynamic and challenging work environment: Aviation maintenance is a constantly-evolving industry with new technological advancements. Lifelong learning keeps you on the cutting edge, which makes you a better maintainer.

  8. Stackable certificates: USNCC’s Associate of Science in Aviation Maintenance degree includes an embedded 15-credit Certificate of Naval Studies and an embedded 18-credit Certificate of Aviation Maintenance. This means you are earning milestone credentials on the way to your degree.

  9. FAA credentialing: The Associate of Science in Aviation Maintenance prepares you for the written, oral, and practical examination for the Airframe and Powerplant License and, combined with the required experience, you can earn your Part 65 certification. This means your education and experience combined makes you a more qualified and competitive aviation maintenance technician.

  10. Online and asynchronous learning environment: It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, as long as you have reliable internet access, you will be able to continue on your path to earn a naval-relevant associate degree in aviation maintenance. This means you can earn your degree on your schedule.

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