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The Value Of The Digital Marketing Industry Will Reach 441 Lakh Crores By 2025: Digital Chandan Thakur

the value of digital marketing in 2025

Career in Digital Marketing

the value of digital marketing in 2025 | Digital Chandan Thakur

Digital Chandan Thakur

Since 2017, this industry has shown ongoing growth. If you are a graduate, then Digital Marketing Course will help you launch a successful career in this field.

The Value Of The Digital Marketing Industry Will Reach 441 Lakh Crores By 2025”
— Digital Chandan Thakur
MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, January 31, 2023 / -- Young people who are unemployed or dissatisfied with their work are building successful careers in the digital marketing industry. Since 2017, this industry has shown ongoing growth. There won't be a shortage of jobs in this industry in the foreseeable future, either. If you are a graduate, then Digital Marketing Course will help you launch a successful career in this field.

Currently, the fastest-growing industry in the nation is digital marketing. Numerous young people in the nation are pursuing successful careers in this area. This is the cause of the sector's ongoing growth from 2017 forward. The worldwide market for digital marketing was only about Rs 182 lakh crore in 2017, according to a study, and it will be worth Rs 349 lakh crore by 2023. As a result of this expansion, many firms are digitizing all of their operations, creating millions of new employment for young people every year. The tasks that were completed offline up to 2017 may now be completed on a mobile device with a single click, much like online purchasing from the comfort of your own home. The country's market has transitioned to digital for 55% of its sales. Millions of employment will be created in this industry even in 2023.

Why is having digital skills important?

92 percent of employees in the nation think they lack skills, according to an Udemy survey on the global skills gap. According to a different poll, 48 percent of workers in the industrial sector need to be trained. A man without any skills is hired but does not receive a raise in pay or promotion for years; instead, he continues to labor in the same position for decades. In contrast, talented worker in the digital marketing industry may quickly increase their monthly compensation from a few thousand rupees to millions of rupees.

Establish a successful career

You no longer need to worry if you have graduated but are still consumed with various career-related anxieties. DGMark Institute, a well-known training institute, has launched a number of short- and long-term professional and skill-oriented courses to assist youngsters, from which you may become a professional in digital marketing while sitting at home through online teaching.

What you will learn in the Digital Marketing course

• You'll learn about email marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, and marketing fundamentals.
• Google, Facebook, and more than 40 more digital marketing tools will be taught.
• In addition to advanced courses, there will be 3 months of on-the-job training.
• Youth will also get the opportunity to take a master class taught by some of the greatest professionals in the field.
• Youths get the chance to do an internship
• There will be an opportunity to practice for the interview with professionals and take practice exams.

Examples of career options in the digital marketing field include SEO manager, social media specialist, and Google Ads expert, among many others. This digital marketing institute has till now trained many youngsters and have shaped their career in a booming field. This institute believes in practical learning and hence lets the students work on some live projects to know the real-time challenges.

You can pursue a career both in India and internationally

Many successful applicants have landed positions in international corporations after developing their talents in digital marketing. Along with enterprises based in India, they also work with firms outside. Additionally, corporations are now offering greater compensation to young people with digital skills.

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