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5th Wheel Garners Global Acclaim After Their Products Showcased Innovative Strength at the 2023 CES Exhibition

Hong Kong, China, Jan. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World's largest consumer electronics exhibition known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) came to an end on January 9, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. With many notable brands taking part in the show, renowned smart travel brand 5th Wheel also participated. With this being 5th Wheel's very first CES show, the brand showcased its own full-link product series. The showcase gave people a glimpse into 5th Wheel's outstanding industrial manufacturing and its cutting-edge research and development, which allows the company to create highly durable and long-lasting urban travel gear.

5th Wheel Shined Bright Alongside Technological Competition at the CES

CES is regarded as one of the world's largest and most renowned consumer tech industry events. Every year, new and innovative technologies showcased at CES contribute towards the growth and development of the consumer electronics market. Notable brands and companies from sectors such as automotive technology, digital medical care, artificial intelligence, and clean energy take part in the event every year. For CES 2023, 5th Wheel was one of those brands.

It is worth noting that CES has played a key part in bringing smart tech and AI-based technologies to the consumer tech sector. With intelligent elements now available in a diverse range of consumer tech products, CES brings even more attention to these features by allowing innovative companies to set up their booths, and also host their own independent press conferences. Showcasing excellent product strength while focusing on short travel tracks, the 5th Wheel booth at CES 2023 received approximately 10,000 visitors from all over the world.

Combining Convenience with Strength and Intelligence To Offer Modern Travel Solutions

The 5th Wheel CES 2023 booth showcased four categories of products: electric bicycles, electric scooters, hoverboards and children's scooters. Most notable products in these categories include the Fitness Electric Bicycle D1, the Electric Mountain Bike X1, the Electric Scooter Max. The children's series includes the Self Balancing Scooter C1, the Children's Electric scooterK1 and more. In addition to the main travel products, 5th Wheel also showcased more than 20 accessories, which included riding gloves, seats, helmets and more. The dual-mode Fitness Electric Bicycle D1 is suitable for both commuting and outing on urban terrains. Products such as the Electric Scooter G1 and the Self Balancing Scooter C1 offer a fun experience for children, and have received favorable comments during the exhibition. All of the 5th Wheel products offer their own uniqueness and enhanced functionality.

Serving as an example of 5th Wheel's innovation, the Exercise Electric Bicycle D1 completely reinvents the user's definition of urban travel. Hundreds of interested people tested D1 at the CES 2023 exhibition. The D1 offers two comprehensive modes for outdoor cycling and indoor fitness, thus giving users much more functionality than they expect from conventional eBikes. D1 Users can choose the pedal & intelligent power assist mode, the pure electric mode without pedals, or the human fitness mode, which offers an optimum riding experience in all environments. Paired with the 5th Wheel app to record cycling info and energy consumption data, the D1 eBike is starting a fitness trend of its own.

With Several Patents Acquired, 5th Wheel Embraces New Ideas

With more than 100 patented technologies acquired so far, 5th Wheel raises the bar high when it comes to research and development for truly upgraded and technologically superior products. Out of the 100 patents, more than 30 core patent technologies are being utilized actively in all 5th Wheel products. Continuously overcoming difficulties and pushing the limits of innovation, the 5th Wheel team ensures that their products can occupy a leading position in the market, thus allowing the products to be noted by both, domestic and foreign retailers. Shane Chen, who is known as ‘the originator of the self-balancing scooter, was present at CES 2023 show. He took great interest in the 5th Wheel products, and also had in-depth exchanges with the staff of 5th Wheel.

From concept to reality, 5th Wheel aims for innovation and progress at every step of the process. At the 2023 CES show, 5th Wheel successfully showcased the smart travel industry's most cutting-edge technology. 5th Wheel has leveraged this technology to create the most advanced products, along with high-end equipment and accessories. All of this progress introduces a beautiful and sustainable blueprint for the future of how humans travel. After the CES show, 5th Wheel products have received widespread international acclaim, all of which has increased 5th Wheel's public outreach. Now one step closer to their goal of complete internationalization, 5th Wheel expects to introduce its new generation of Made-in-China short-distance green travel tools to the entire world.

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