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Social Crypto Platform Earnity Hosts Expert Discussion on Self-Custody and Wallets with BTC Sessions

Ben Perrin, aka "BTC Sessions" to speak at Earnity Self Custody and Wallet event

Ben Perrin, aka "BTC Sessions"

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Earnity's virtual event “Protecting Your Crypto: Self-Custody Wallet Options and Developments” with BTC Sessions occurring January 31st from 4-5 pm EST.

I am excited to be among the growing number of Bitcoin experts working with Earnity to share actionable advice and explore innovations in the crypto industry”
— BTC Sessions
SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2023 / -- Earnity, a social crypto platform and marketplace, announced today that it is hosting a virtual expert discussion, “Protecting Your Crypto: Self-Custody Wallet Options and Developments,” on Tuesday, January 31st from 4-5 pm EST, 1-2 pm PST, 2-3 MST.

The event will help the crypto-curious understand crypto wallet basics, walk users through how to set up a wallet, discover the growing number of wallet options available and cover security precautions. Ben Perrin, Canada's most popular YouTube Bitcoin educator, who is widely known by the nickname “BTC Sessions,” derived from his YouTube bitcoin educational channel, the BTC Sessions, will be Earnity’s featured speaker for the event. Perrin together with Arielle Lapiano, Earnity’s moderator and Chief Communications Officer, will also explore more advanced concepts, from key lessons learned from the FTX fallout to crypto wallet innovations.

“I've been hosting my educational Bitcoin YouTube channel since 2016 because I am passionate about helping new entrants get off to a good start by presenting learning material in an easy to digest way,” said Perrin. “I am excited to be among the growing number of Bitcoin experts working with Earnity to share actionable advice and explore innovations in the crypto industry.”

“BTC Sessions is highly respected and widely renowned as a leading bitcoin educator and we’re thrilled to feature his expertise at Earnity,” said Dan Schatt, CEO of Earnity. “Now more than ever, there is a need for verified, actionable, expert-led crypto education, and Earnity is collaborating with trusted, credentialed experts to allow easy access to the highest level of crypto expertise and education available,” he added.

Full details on the event are below.

Protecting Your Crypto: Self-Custody Wallet Options and Developments
Tuesday, January 31st
4-5 pm EST, 1-2 pm PST, 2-3 MST

The FTX collapse offered a stinging reminder of a crypto refrain, “Not your keys, not your crypto” (or “not your keys, not your coins”). The adage stems from the philosophy that investors can only have true control over their crypto when it’s held in a wallet (which stores and manages the private keys associated with a user’s crypto), to which the investor holds the lock and key. More experienced crypto investors are very familiar with this notion, referred to as “self-custody.”

Sadly, the recent FTX fraud, exchange bankruptcies and runs on other crypto exchanges, left many investors wishing they had followed the not your keys, not your crypto, maxim more closely. Our panel will help investors understand the options now available and how self-custody may evolve in reaction to the challenges of 2022.

-Discuss the differences between holding your bitcoin and crypto on an exchange versus in a wallet
-Explore the various wallet options available and how to select the best one for your needs
-Explain how to set up a wallet
-Share risks involved with setting up wallets

The webinar is part of Earnity’s recently announced expert speaker series through BigMarker. With these panels, Earnity, together with crypto industry leaders, are shedding light on the crypto market, crypto trading, crypto investing, crypto financial planning, crypto tax planning, as well as related macro economic trends and news developments impacting the crypto market and industry.

Future crypto expert panel topics include: ramifications of the FTX collapse, financial planning for 2023, tax planning for 2023, and more.

Registration is free and can be completed here:

This event follows Earnity’s past events:

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