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myGwork Launches Academy to Offer Relevant & Practical DE&I Training That Works During LGBTQ+ History Month

myGwork launches myGwork Academy to coincide with LGBTQ+ History Month

myGwork launches myGwork Academy to coincide with LGBTQ+ History Month

If companies are serious about LGBTQ+ inclusion then training & education are a must. But myGwork's LinkedIn poll suggests that 61% of companies don't offer it.

Our latest innovative offering delivers much-needed relevant, yet highly practical LGBTQ+ education and training that works.”
— Adrien & Pierre Gaubert, Co-founders of myGwork

LONDON, UK, January 26, 2023 / -- myGwork, the largest global business platform for LGBTQ+ professionals, has launched the myGwork Academy to provide practical and relevant LGBTQ+ training and education that promises to create inclusive environments for all, to coincide with LGBTQ+ History Month. The overall aim of LGBTQ+ History month is to promote equality, and raise awareness on advancing education on matters affecting the LGBTQ+ community. But very few companies have the relevant education/training to do this effectively.

In fact, a recent myGwork LinkedIn poll suggests that 61% of companies don’t offer LGBTQ+ training or education. However, if companies are serious about LGBTQ+ inclusion then training, and education are a must. In fact, many employers are struggling to create inclusive workplaces because the majority of LGBTQ+ professionals (6 out of 10) continue to be discriminated against in their place of work/study, according to myGwork’s latest findings. As a result of rife discrimination, many LGBTQ+ professionals either return to the closet in the absence of supportive allies, or much worse, they leave their jobs. In fact, myGwork’s telling survey revealed that two-thirds of LGBTQ+ Gen Zers entering the workplace would actually leave their job if they felt they couldn’t be out at work.  

In short, companies need to work much harder at making their workplaces more inclusive – through education and training all year round, and not just during LGBTQ+ History Month. Providing activities to raise awareness and provide education during LGBTQ+ History Month is still key, but relevant and practical training offered throughout the year is more effective.

Finding out what diverse groups, like the LGBTQ+ communities, need at work means having those difficult, emotive, yet very necessary conversations. For example, most people at work want to be better allies, prevent discrimination/micro-aggressions, and ensure they are being inclusive through their everyday actions and words. Part of this requires helping leaders, managers and employees across the organisation develop a better understanding and awareness of marginalised communities and their needs. The new training from the myGwork Academy can help to achieve that. The Academy’s launch course, LGBTQ+ Allyship in the Workplace, helps by focusing on building an understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ+, the importance of allyship in the workplace and how this can be reflected in day-to-day actions.   

Unlike, traditional and general corporate diversity training programmes that do little to challenge or stamp out ingrained prejudices, stereotypes and misconceptions, the modules developed by the myGwork Academy are different. The content is developed by DE&I specialists with specific LGBTQ+ inclusion expertise and is highly interactive and practical, with relevant simulations and a variety of gamification and media to hold user engagement. All modules conclude with both a certificate of achievement and a call to action to drive the tangible behavioural change that will build inclusive workplaces for all. Furthermore, myGwork Academy’s modules can be seamlessly integrated into an organisation’s learning management systems, removing the burden of administrative set up and helping organisations focus on what matters – getting impactful training to the front line.   
The myGwork Academy complements the platform’s existing suite of services, which not only supports 300+ corporate clients to attract and retain LGBTQ+ talent, but also provides its fast-growing global network of professionals and allies, with thousands of jobs with inclusive employers, as well as LGBTQ+-related news, events, training and mentors.    
Commenting on the launch of the myGwork Academy, Co-founders Adrien (CMO) and Pierre Gaubert (CEO) stated: “Training has always been a critical part of myGwork's contribution to help create more inclusive workplaces. The launch of the myGwork Academy is a cornerstone of our strategy to evolve from our classic jobs board offering to becoming the world's leading business community eco-system for LGBTQ+ professionals, allies and anyone who believes in workplace equality. Our latest innovative offering delivers much-needed relevant, yet highly practical LGBTQ+ education and training that works.”   
Adding to their comments, myGwork’s Chief Strategy Officer Stephan Heinz, said: “Coming from a corporate world where I endured hours of e-learning that lacked elements to truly engage the user and drive behavioural change, we took it upon ourselves to create something truly unique – experiential learning that really makes the user feel like they are in a specific situation. This drives empathy, understanding and practical reactions – something so important for topics like inclusion and allyship. I am excited to see how our partners benefit from what we’ve built and the change this will drive across the world.”  
For more information about the myGwork Academy and training modules, check out the website here. For a full copy of myGwork’s 2022 LGBTQ+ Gen Z Survey, contact 

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