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New Cutting-Edge Technology for Hair Restoration The Lutronic Ultra® Laser and KeraFactor® Peptide ComplexTM

Begin Eliminating Bald Patches Using The New Technology!

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO, January 23, 2023 / -- What is KeraLaseTM and How Does it Help Hair Growth?

The new KeraLaseTM Hair Growth Treatment System, offered by Pure Health Medical, is a combined procedure using the Lutronic Ultra® Laser with the KeraFactor® Treatment Serum Set. The procedure starts with the Ultra Laser which creates non-ablative microchannels, preparing the skin for a higher absorption rate of the KeraFactor Serum, which is applied next. The KeraFactor Serum has proprietary biometric and synthetic versions of growth factors and proteins that promote hair growth. The Ultra Laser application, alone, showed significant improvements in scalp revitalization.

The key benefits of the KeraLase program are:

* KeraLase rejuvenates and revitalizes the scalp to support hair health and growth,
* The applications are gentle, effective, and cost-effective for all, both providing and receiving this unique effective treatment,
* Lutronic Ultra laser enhances the scalp’s microvascular infrastructure, so it is ready to efficiently receive and absorb the KeraFactor Serum application.

Two Easy Steps Involved in the KeraLase Treatment Program

In the first step of treatment, the Ultra Laser creates nearly invisible microchannels. If patients were looking through a microscope when applying the KeraFactor serum, they would see how evenly the serum flows into the channels, like little rivers on the scalp. Both sides of each channel, as well as the base of the channel, takes equal advantage of the growth hormones and proteins provided in the serum during the application of the second step in the KeraLase program.

The lasered channels go only so far before the flow stops and the channels are full. The scalp soaks up the serum which affects all four hair life cycles as hair
regrowth begins. Hair growth occurs at four different rates as each life cycle kicks into place.

The Hair Growth and Renewal Program is a Great Experience!

What is so great about this procedure is that there is no pain, no bleeding, and no time needed to wait before going out in public again. Plus, there are no needles and no shots required at any stage of the procedure. This procedure works on all skin types and tones, and it does not matter what age patients are, too.

This program is far better than using one based on platelets as the health and genetics of the patient comes under consideration. Reports show that platelet programs can actually reduce hair growth, the opposite of the outcome desired.
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It is so important to find confidence again, especially when patients had beautiful hair for most of their lives and then, when getting older, tufts of hair begin ending up in one’s hair brush each day after brushing it. Wigs and additional hair pieces might work but are difficult to keep attached securely.
Get a Consultation With a Medical Consultant

There are several situations where a patient may not be a good candidate for the KeraLase hair growth treatment. Once a patient goes in for a consultation, the results will indicate whether the KeraLase treatment will be the right one. Here are three hair and scalp conditions that do not work with KeraLase, but there are always other medical solutions available.

* Scarring alopecia,
* Non-scarring alopecia, and
* Alopecia Areata (patchy, balding, thinning hair).

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