Introducing Haolin Guo: A Dedicated Human Rights Activist Currently Focused on the Uyghur Issue in China

A first-year student at Washington University in St. Louis, Guo is on a mission to tackle human rights issues around the globe.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2023 / -- Using his extensive knowledge of history to make the world a better place, Washington University student Haolin Guo is focusing his efforts on a variety of human rights issues. The Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses aimed at Uyghur communities is recognized by human rights groups everywhere as ethnic cleansing and genocide. With an estimated 1.5 million of Xinjiang’s native Uyghur population having been incarcerated and subjected to various forms of persecution, Guo is generating insights into this particular issue with podcasts and by inviting guest speakers to talk about the history and politics of Xinjiang on campus.

Having organized public protests around Washington University’s campus after the Urumqi fire disaster and government crackdown, Guo has also led protests on other issues, including the Chinese government’s crackdown on demonstrations. Additionally, he leads a team that uses machine learning technologies to analyze historical trends of segregation in South Africa.

According to Guo, by combining historical perspectives with current issues, it’s possible to gain insights into guiding current human rights fieldwork.

“Understanding how history has transpired into the current reality is important, because it gives us a direction for taking meaningful action.”

Guo has also set up a podcast, The Uyghur History Project (UHP), as an independent, non-profit research and education initiative. The project aims to promote quality research and intellectual discussion on the topic of Uyghur heritage and history.

“For me, life is made up of struggles and services,” says Guo. “Those who do not serve for the greater satisfaction of the majority lose their meaning of life.”

For more information about Guo’s work, visit the Amnesty International – Washington University in St. Louis website, or The Uyghur History Project blog.

About Haolin Guo

A first-year student at Washington University in St. Louis, Guo tackles human rights issues around the community and the globe. His projects include the Uyghurs' rights, the history of South Africa's apartheid, and more. Working closely with NGOs, Guo organizes protests and guest speakers, and publishes his findings online.

Haolin Guo
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