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Jewish Community of Porto declares end of “passport affair” and demands an international investigation

Lag BaOmer at the Jewish Community of Porto's Synagogue Kadoorie Mekor Haim (Photo Credit: CIP/CJP Bizarro)

Lag BaOmer at the Jewish Community of Porto's Synagogue Kadoorie Mekor Haim (Photo Credit: CIP/CJP Bizarro)

The rabbi of the community was humiliated before the whole world. The High Court has already stated that the allegations were based on nothing, yet no one has apologized to the community”
— Gabriel Senderowicz, the President of the Jewish Community of Porto

PORTO, PORTUGAL, January 23, 2023 / -- A hundred years after its founding in 1923, the Jewish community of Porto is publishing a book describing the history and background of the anti-Semitic persecution of its members and leaders. The book is currently being sent to governments, supranational organizations, universities and libraries around the world. The book highlights the recent affair that erupted with the arrest of the community’s rabbi, Daniel Litvak, in March last year, in what became known in the media as the “passport affair.”

According to the community, “the move initiated last year by the Portuguese authorities died before its birth, and sooner or later will be examined in an international investigation. The Jewish community of Porto officially announces the end of the unfortunate move that was only possible as a result of major state corruption, and demands an international commission of inquiry into the affair.”

“The synagogue, the Jewish Museum and the house of the granddaughter of the ‘Portuguese Dreyfus’ were roughly trampled underfoot,” said community president Gabriel Senderowicz. “The rabbi of the community was humiliated before the whole world, based on anonymous condemnations accusing him of corruption and illegal assistance to billionaires he didn’t even know, control of registry offices he’d never visited, and committing technically impossible thefts. The High Court has already stated that the allegations were based on nothing, yet no one has apologized to the community.”

The book, (available here) entitled “Two Thousand Years of the Jewish Community of Porto, Chronology of 1923-2023,” describes “Operation Open Door” which, according to the community, was planned by Portuguese state officials mixing executive, legislative, judicial and media powers. The operation sought to destroy the “Spanish Law” and halt the large influx of Jewish citizens of Israel who were entitled to Portuguese citizenship under the law, which endeavored to correct historical injustice to deportees and exiles from Spain and Portugal and was approved in 2013 and 2015. “Operation Open Door” attempted to tarnish the names of wealthy Jews of Portuguese descent, portraying them as suspected of obtaining Portuguese citizenship illegally and slandering the only powerful Jewish community in Portugal.

The chronology describes in detail the events of the past few months, “that history has always shown: the union of the powers of the State against officials of the Jewish community, persecution of the benefactors of the people of Israel, mass dissemination of ancient antisemitic myths, linking Jews to money and trickery, inquisitorial tactics by a new ‘clergy’ with the means to carry out mass manhunts, a defamation campaign that dragged on without ceasing for months, mobilization of public opinion by every means possible, the use of thieves and questionable persons to incriminate pre-defined targets, and the absolute silence regarding any positive works by the Jewish community to be taken down, including the best Yom Kippur in Europe, the museum receiving the most visitors in Portugal and the film with the most international awards in the history of Portuguese cinema.”

The community further stated that, “although only 5% of the possible applicants were able to obtain Portuguese citizenship via the ‘Spanish law,’ the name ‘Operation Open Door’ indicates a fear of a flood of Jews into the country.

In August, the Jewish Community of Porto filed a complaint with the European Public Prosecutor's Office with the support of the European Jewish Association (EJA), which represents all communities from Portugal to Ukraine. This Brussels-based organization had already written to the President of the Portuguese Republic deploring “the comments made regarding the Jewish community as a ‘mafia of passports’ sold to ‘anyone willing to pay’. Such comments play to the basest instincts of the anti-Semite and as far as the modern public is concerned merely re-heat the trope of the Jew “who hungers for money and lacks any principles.”

Senderowicz says that the Community will not wait a decade until all is forgotten. “The investigation has been ongoing for a year. The only known suitcases filled with cash during this time were handed to the socialists in the European Parliament for the benefit of certain Arab and Muslim countries, a sort of ‘Palestine cause’ that most probably involves damages to the Jewish and Israeli communities and financing for national political parties.”

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