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Entrepreneurs: Manifest Business Goals With This 5-Week Manifesting Course

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Project Manage Your Manifestations Course

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As the popularity of manifestation continues to soar, Meditating Human is providing a structured and easy-to-understand manifestation course.

Meditating Human offers an easy-to-understand manifestation course that helps people learn how to enhance and implement spirituality in a practical, easy way, taking little time out of their day.”
— Tiffany Antoine

USA, January 20, 2023 / -- When goals are initially set, people usually feel excited and motivated at the start, only to feel burned out and frustrated a few short weeks later. Understanding this frustration, Meditation Human has developed a 5-week manifestation course to assist with this issue.

Geared towards ambitious and goal-oriented business owners, their jam-packed course was created by Tiffany Antoine, a meditation, manifestation and practical spirituality expert. The Project Manage Your Manifestation course has a step-by-step structure and allows everyone to learn at their own pace.

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As part of the course, individuals will learn how to develop meditation habits and use subliminal messaging and subconscious narrative techniques to achieve their goals. Over a five-week period, Tiffany Antoine provides focused instructions on setting clear, attainable goals and overcoming the barriers that prevent everyone from achieving them.

The course includes five modules: Level Set, Get Clear, Get Obsessed, Know It’s Yours, and Get It Done. These modules will teach people how to combine project management with manifestation practices such as visualization, affirmations, and gratitude.

After completing the course, individuals should find that they have improved spirituality and mental health, as well as increased energy. They should also notice they can better manage stress and they feel anxious less frequently. Using the manifestation and project management techniques learned in this course will allow everyone to set and achieve their goals with less frustration.

This course provides hope that everyone can achieve their dreams. If interested, check out the video preview of the course available on Meditating Human's website.

Explaining the benefits of enrolling in the course, a company spokesperson says, “Meditating Human offers an easy-to-understand spirituality, meditation and manifestation course that helps people learn how to enhance and implement spirituality in a practical, easy way that won't take any extra time of their day. We have simplified the manifestation process, so anyone can master it in weeks, not years. This course makes the manifesting process less complicated, ensuring everyone can manifest their desires with ease.”

About Meditating Human

Meditating Human is an online course provider in the meditation and manifestation niche. They show students how to create their ideal reality using ancient wisdom, spiritual principles, and scientific techniques. The company is operated by Tiffany Antoine who has an MBA in management and a certificate in project management.

Goal-setting shouldn't equal frustration and disappointment. Let Meditating Human show how to achieve those lofty goals, through the power of meditation and manifestation!

Ready to live the best life ever? Go to to get started today.

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