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KIRI Technologies Partnerships Will Bring Eco-Sustainability to Forefront of Architecture, Design and Sensory Forestry

Members of the KIRI Technologies community can earn KiriCoins for the CO2 saved by sustainable actions

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 20, 2023 / -- London-based KIRI Technologies, which develops software and technology to incentivize sustainable behaviors, has announced partnerships with two Italian companies that will bring eco-sustainability to the forefront of architecture, design and sensory forestry.

Joining with KIRI Technologies’ efforts to accelerate the adoption of sustainable behaviors are Giancarlo Zema Design Group and Paulownia4Planet.

Giancarlo Zema Design Group is a renowned Rome-based architecture firm that specializes in smart and eco-sustainable projects. The partnership allows KIRI Technologies to enter the world of environmentally sustainable architecture and design. Paulownia4Planet is a green brand connected with the Paulownia Piemonte Association, which has been engaged in the forestation of Paulownia forests for over 20 years.

KIRI Technologies previously launched successful initiatives with the Stellantis Group in 13 countries for customers of the Fiat brand New 500, as well as for JEEP brand PHEV vehicles. In these initiatives, buyers are rewarded for environmentally conscious driving behavior.

As Business Insider reported, “The start-up KIRI Technologies has also made it its mission to encourage people to be more environmentally aware and to lead a more sustainable lifestyle overall. To this end, the Londoners also invented the new KiriCoins, which are now the focus of Fiat’s new promotion. For every kilometer covered in city traffic, drivers participating in the voluntary project receive a KiriCoin, which is equivalent to around two Euro cents.

“The car is connected to the Fiat and KIRI clouds at all times and continuously sends data about the driving style and the kilometers driven to the two data storage devices. This makes the electric Fiat 500 the first car to ‘mine’ while driving.”

Founded in 2020, KIRI Technologies was named after the Japanese name for the ancient Paulownia tree, which absorbs CO2 up to 10 times more than other tree species. This capability makes the Kiri tree unique. One acre of Kiri trees can absorb an astonishing 13 tons of CO2 gases and particles per year.

“Up to today, institutions have focused on prohibiting polluting behaviors. What is missing is a positive approach to living sustainably and incentivizing every one of us to make green choices daily,” said KIRI Technologies co-founder Luca Rubino. “This is the reason Kiri was born. Together as a planet, we have to accelerate the adoption of sustainable behaviors.”

As an example of KIRI Technologies’ work, Rubino said, the partnership with Paulownia4Planet provides customers with the opportunity to plant entire Paulownia forests, complete with bird houses, bee hotels and eco-suites, to admire nature, safeguard biodiversity and “be concrete protagonists of the green revolution.”

“We're thrilled to be working with Giancarlo Zema Design Group and Paulownia4Planet to bring our sustainable initiatives to new heights," says Mauro Di Benedetto, CEO and co-founder of KIRI Technologies. “Our goal is to continue to enhance our positioning in green tech markets and strengthen our tools in encouraging the adoption of sustainable behaviors through customer-centric experiences.”

Members of the KIRI Technologies community can earn KiriCoins for the CO2 saved by sustainable actions. Because KIRI Technologies works automatically, members don’t have to keep track or use apps draining battery life in the background. Behaviors are verified by KIRI Technologies and users together with sustainable green partners.

KiriCoins are earned exclusively by sustainable actions with certified CO2 savings. The KiriCoins can be spent in a sustainable marketplace. The marketplace has brands across different industries, including cosmetics, groceries, fashion and more.

Over time, users will be able to exchange coins for cash, experiences and product discounts. Rubino added that KIRI Technologies is talking with sustainable blockchains Binance, Polygon and Fantom to assist in its growth.

Global fossil fuel carbon emissions have increased by more than 140 percent since 1970 until today. “The air we breathe in daily is being polluted increasingly and, for us humans, air pollution is now the fifth leading risk factor for mortality worldwide. In 2017 alone, air pollution was the cause of 9 percent of all deaths in that year on the planet,” Rubino said.

KIRI Technologies offers merchants the opportunity to become a green partner and attract customers with rewards.

When a company becomes a green merchant with KIRI Technologies and rewards existing customers with KiriCoin, it increases the frequency of their purchases and their lifetime value. KIRI Technologies provides green partners with metrics of their customers’ sustainable actions, using the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, which allows organizations to publicly report the impacts of their activities in a structured way that is transparent to stakeholders and other interested parties.

KIRI Technologies, which is currently valued at €40Mil, is present in 13 countries and expanding rapidly. The fintech startup focused on sustainability will enter the United States in the second quarter of 2023 with a major partnership with a telecom provider, proving the scalability of the KIRI Technologies plan.

Rubino said in the future, the initiative could be expanded to reward sustainable behaviors in other sectors, such as the purchase of renewable energy or organic food and products. He remarked, “The objective is to create a community of people, through a loyalty program that encourages a sustainable lifestyle. This new system does not reward purchases, but rather the most sustainable actions. Our goal is to create the biggest community of sustainable users across the world.”

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