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IDEAL for Healthcare announces the launch of their digital community to provide upward mobility and visibility for women


Where there is conviction there is capacity for change.”
— Kristen Duell, Founder of IDEAL for Healthcare
TAMPA, FL, HILLSBROUGH , January 20, 2023 / -- IDEAL for Healthcare (Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance in Leadership), announced today the launch of its digital community. IDEAL was founded to catalyze upward mobility and provide greater access for women in healthcare. With the launch of a digital community, members will have a chance to be a champion and encourage each other in the development and advancement of female leaders in the industry.

The purpose of launching this digital community is to encourage women and men to come together to not only help each other close the wage gap and take action to elevate others, but have the opportunity to accelerate progress for women in the healthcare industry. A few benefits of being a member of IDEAL for Healthcare is: being a catalyst for change, engaging in an online forum, having access to counseling groups, attending networking events, applying for board member positions, speaking at engagements, and much more.

“Where there is conviction there is capacity for change. I am thrilled to launch a digital community that delivers on the promise to provide upward mobility and visibility to women in healthcare, with the support of men who are our allies. Equally committed to our mission. Kristen Duell, founder of IDEAL for Healthcare shared. “The idea for this organization started in a room full of powerful and amazing women who all agreed that we will no longer be quiet to the lack of representation on stage and in the boardroom,” She continued, “Now it’s catapulted and changed the career trajectory of many women by enabling and inspiring. IDEAL for Healthcare has built an endless table and we aim to equal the playing field for women in any room they wish to be in.”

New and existing members will have the chance to increase their involvement in the non-profit organization with: Donor and Sponsor, Value-In-Kind, Product and Service, and donation based opportunities that further support inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging.

While IDEAL for Healthcare offers numerous contribution opportunities for members, their newest sponsorship opens the door for corporations to get in on the ground floor with four levels: Premier, Partner, Supporter, and Collaborator. With these four levels of sponsorship, corporations will have the chance to not only improve their DEIB offerings, but show just how important diversity, inclusion, closing the wage gap, and helping women have a seat at the table means to them.

In addition, IDEAL for Healthcare will be moving to a paid membership. They decided to move in this direction to enhance the value of their members' time and energy by increasing member-only benefits and staying true to their original purpose.

“IDEAL was created to be a champion for female leaders and assist them in developing and advancing their careers in the healthcare industry. Michelle Pickering, Executive Director of IDEAL for Healthcare shared. “As one of the original members seated at that incredibly pivotal table just over a year ago, I was thrilled when the opportunity to lead IDEAL presented itself because it offers the space to lend a “hand-up” to others; to allow them to take a more equitable path towards success in our industry.” She continued, "I'm ecstatic for the launching of our digital community to bring women and men closer together, to support and elevate one another, towards achieving both their personal and professional objectives.”

IDEAL for Healthcare’s paid membership will be effective February 1, 2023.
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About IDEAL for Healthcare
The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance for Leadership in Healthcare (IDEAL) is a non-profit organization that was founded to catalyze upward mobility and provide greater visibility for women in healthcare. We need to catalyze change to improve the status quo for women in healthcare today and for future generations to come…IDEAL does just that.

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