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"Shallow Death" a Hettie Shaw Novel Featuring a Sexy Miss Marple

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Shallow Death - A Hettie Shaw Novel

Free-spirited, Private Investigator Hettie Shaw uses her druid ‘fluence to investigate villains, uncover murders, and unzip the pants of younger men.

Dig into mysticism, murder and romance, where the sea isn’t the only thing to rise in the hearts and lives of Hettie and Sir Charles.”
— Valerie Gee
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 / -- Valerie Gee, an English/American author, has published several business books with McGraw-Hill. “Shallow Death” is her first murder mystery.

Broken-hearted after a tragic accident killed her husband and daughter, Hettie Shaw, in her mid-fifties, finds escape in the arms of younger men. When military-trained, Sir Charles reluctantly hires Hettie to solve a blackmail case, it leads to a growing partnership. Their investigation causes a chain reaction that reveals a sinister web surrounding the Welsh town. As they dig deeper, Hettie bites off more than she can chew, and only Gran’s words of wisdom from beyond the grave stop Hettie from becoming a murder victim herself.

Set in present-day Wales, UK., free-spirited, PI Hettie Shaw is a feisty, fun, femme fatale, who strides into every situation with head high and a druid insight at full throttle. When troubled Lady Gwen falls to her death from Castle Cliff, everyone thinks she committed suicide. But, when the police accuse her twin brother, Lord Ambrose of murder, he hires Sir Charles and Hettie Shaw to clear his name. As they investigate the twisting trail through the underbelly of Wales, it leads Hettie to insist they exhume the bodies of Lord Ambrose’s parents, which uncovers a terrible family secret.

Meanwhile, Charles is battling his own problems with his new fiancé—an out-of-control spendthrift. Finally, the brutal murder of a young girl leads them to a dungeon where both Hettie and Charles race against time to save themselves from falling victim to the deadly killer.

Within the novel’s environment is a wide diversity of settings, including a traditional pub, Manor House, creepy Castle, seedy slum, a decaying dockyard, and the moody, misty Welsh seashore. As different as Hettie and Sir Charles appear, a bond develops based on their joint reverence for justice, Welsh trivia, and young lovers. The quickening pace moves forward amidst embarrassments, setbacks, detours, and the growing threat of their own deaths. The historical knowledge that Sir Charles and Hettie share creates a supercharged, well-written mystery with a unique cast of characters.

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