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Families welcome in the New Year via allocations to Investment Grade Wines & Whiskies

OENO Wine & Whisky Fund

A recent Family Office Network (FON) allocation survey showed continued interest in longer-term lock-up hard assets.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2023 / -- Family Office Network (FON) families expressed significant exposure and increasing diversification interests into fine wines and whiskies as an attractive asset class driven by quality and scarcity of fine wines appreciating over time with 26% of surveyed FON families (and UHNWIs) owning a collection of Fine Wines. A patriarch and Wine enthusiast from the Stewart family office said “I recently moved 7% of my assets into fine wine and spirits including some iconic trophy wines – I’m looking forward to enjoying them as well as watching them appreciate in value.

FON Founder and CEO Andrew Schneider said, “We’ve seen demand for educational opportunities for non-correlated assets and fine wines are a logical choice as a number of our families are wine/whisky enthusiasts. Wine, and relevant benchmarks (Liv-ex 1,000 index), as a tangible asset class have generated +10% returns over the past 15 years.”

FON President, Victor Park chimed in “Collectible wines presents an inherently age-worthy appreciating and non-correlated source of returns even when rate hikes slow. What’s more, as fine wine and especially investment grade wine production is controlled by regulations, production methods, weather conditions and geographic constraints, we’re seeing interest in fine wines(and whiskey) based on scarcity values.”

Expert Collectible Wine consultant Maxwell Nee of Oeno Group ( commented “We’re seeing tremendous growth in our customized wine advisory services as established collectors expand their collections but also due to dramatic growth from new enthusiasts particularly in whiskies.” (

Maxwell Nee of OENO Wine & Whiskey Fund further commented “More recently, these luxury assets have been very popular investments as they perform well in a high-inflation environment.” OENO private collector clients enjoy the collectability and consumption of independently valued and insured market-beating capital investments in collectible wines (

Given the strong demand for investment-grade wines and whiskeys, FON recently launched the Wine & Whisky Investment Club to provide informational and educational networking opportunities for interested families.

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