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AI legal assistant will help defendant fight a speeding case in court

DoNotPay is offering $1,000,000 to a lawyer to where AirPods and let their robot lawyer handle a case in the US Supreme Court. Would you trust a robot lawyer?

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, January 18, 2023 / -- Next month, artificial intelligence is set to replace a court room lawyer and advise a defendant for the first time ever.

The company behind the invention, DoNotPay, said that their AI-creation runs on a smartphone listens to court arguments and formulates responses for the defendant. The AI lawyer tells the defendant what to say in real-time, through an earpiece.

DoNotPay founder Josh Browder was an 18-year-old Stanford student, he said he used the technology to successfully dispute 190,000 of his clients' parking tickets. Clients are charged just $36 USD (around $52 AUD) for an annual subscription to the service, which compares well to an average cost of $300+ per hour for a lawyer.

The technology uses a new breakthrough released last year called ChatGPT that’s backed by Microsoft and LinkedIn. ChatGPT automatically generates text based on written prompts in a fashion that’s much more advanced and creative than traditional chatbots. The new tech has already reached one million subscribers in just 5 days.

AI driven tech is dominating 2023, and it's only January! Platforms like Murf - that allow you to create audio tracks from text in minutes, and Synthesia - where you create videos with avatar presenters and graphics, are growing in popularity. The outputs in bit these platforms appear somewhat 'artificial' but with AI advancing so rapidly these are sure to become far more humanoid.

So advanced is ChatGPT that over at Google they've given it a 'red alert', fearing it could change the face of search for ever. Microsoft agrees and is pledging $10 billion towards advancing the platform so it can be used to enhance their search engine, BING.

With ChatGPT-4 out sometime this year, many are fearful their jobs could be impacted. Anyone from copywriters to data entry clerks, authors to executive secretaries, bookkeepers to payroll clerks are watching these new developments in AI with a close eye. Sydney interactive agency Salted Stone is embedding new AI into sales and marketing campaigns for its clients as well as custom built websites using platforms like HubSpot;

"AI is a real game changer in 2023 and businesses need to start to embrace this new tech or risk falling behind their competitors. Without a good strategic game plan though, jumping blindly into the tech can be just as disastrous as not doing it all." said Chief Evangelist and Strategy Offer, Tony Eades.

Back in the courtroom and as far as AI replacing the actual judge, the the jury is still out.

In Estonia, the automation of small contract disputes (under 7000 Euro) is being actively pursued. The Estonian Ministry of Justice says it will seek to clear a backlog of cases using 100 so-called ‘AI judges’, the intention being to give human judges more time to deal with the more complex disputes. In these cases, the AI system will issue a decision that can be appealed to a human judge.

In Australia the backlog of court cases is growing – pre Pandemic Courts across Australia were already facing a growing backlog of criminal cases, with hundreds taking longer than a year to process.

Using tools like Zoom, YouTube, and even Facebook Live, the court system has tried to keep up with non-jury hearings and other matters while maintaining the standards expected of a public hearing. Virtual courtrooms as they are called have increased efficiency in getting through those proceedings, eliminating the need for judges to travel to different courts.

Not surprising that lawyers are not a fan of the new AI – when the company tweeted that it was demoing DoNotPay's robot lawyer in court, lawyers threatened them and told Bowder that he'd ironically be sent to jail.

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