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East Side Games Group (EAGR) $100M USD Lawsuit Specifically Cites Popular Game Archer: Danger Phone

East Side Games Group Lawsuit

East Side Games Group (EAGR on TSX and OTCMKTS: EAGRF) defendant in $100M USD lawsuit that specifically cites popular game Archer: Danger Phone

East Side Games Group (TSX:EAGR)

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 / -- East Side Games Group (EAGR) $100M USD lawsuit specifically cites Archer: Danger Phone Game.

Portland, Oregon - According to a recently filed $100 million USD lawsuit in the District Court of Oregon, Leaf Mobile, now operating as East Side Games Group, Inc. (EAGR on the TSX and EAGRF-OTC in the US), failed to uphold its agreements with Truly Social Games, LLC (TSG).

According to the court filings, TSG alleges that LEAF/EAGR, which has misrepresented their intentions to misappropriate games developed by others.

As described in the original documents, this is a calculated strategy that LEAF/EAGR has employed more than once, particularly in association with the game "Archer: Danger Phone". The complaint, filed with the United States District Court for the District of Oregon, is Case 3:22-cv-01663-AR, Filed 10/28/22, and includes the following allegations.

East Side Games Group (EAGR) $100M USD Lawsuit Specifically Cites Popular Game Archer: Danger Phone

"Leaf failed to provide the requisite analytical support contemplated by the parties to enable the games to succeed in the marketplace. As only one example, Leaf has failed to provide statistics and metrics to TSG regarding all of the games that were identified for development to allow TSG to optimize the games in the marketplace and increase profitability."

"Additionally, Leaf has repeatedly issued contradictory direction and changing specifications on game development, leaving TSG guessing and without guidance on the ultimate deliverables sought by Leaf." The court filing includes more specific information regarding the game "Archer: Danger Phone".

"On October 12, 2022, Leaf directed TSG to shift the game “Archer” into 'autopilot' mode and effectively cease support and user acquisition. Archer was one of the more profitable games developed by TSG, bringing in over $1M in revenue over a 40 day period. By directing TSG to cease support for Archer, Leaf caused revenue for Archer to plummet."

"On October 13, 2022, Leaf transmitted a letter to TSG purporting to terminate the Agreement and the parties’ relationship thereunder."

"The day after sending the letter to TSG purporting to terminate the parties’ Agreement and shutting down Archer, Leaf again enabled access to the Archer game, effectively re-starting revenues for a game that Leaf now purported to claim for its own. Leaf’s actions in misappropriating Archer and cutting TSG out of any future revenue are contrary to the Agreement."

"On information and belief, Leaf’s attempt to appropriate the game that TSG developed and cut TSG out of any further revenue sharing arrangement is a calculated business strategy by Leaf designed to exploit developers for Leaf’s benefit. Leaf employed a similar strategy with the original developer for the game “Archer: Danger Phone”. "

"After completing most of the development, Leaf terminated its relationship with the previous developer and hired TSG. Leaf accomplished the appropriation of the prior developer’s work by falsely promising the prior developer that Leaf would establish a remote U.S.-based studio for the prior developer’s employees in the Boston area. After a few months, when Leaf had accumulated all of the necessary code and artwork from the prior developer, Leaf closed its Boston studio and terminated its relationship with the prior developers."

Truly Social Games is seeking $100 million for lost revenue and damages from East Side Games Group,.

Eastside Games CEO Jason Bailey is collecting dislikes on YouTube after a video of his Full Indie speech was uploaded showing him making fun of smaller devs and supporting plagiarism check minute 15:45 to see exactly what he actually says.

According to the court documents, attorneys for the plaintiff are Corr Cronin LLP, located at 1015 Second Ave, 10th Floor, Seattle, Washington 98154.

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Explanation of the lawsuit about why East Side Games Group is being sued for $100 Million USD for Breach of Contract