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CLDY’s C.3 Gen Technology Provides Businesses with a Secure Web Hosting Backup and Restore Solution

CLDY Hosting

CLDY Hosting

By practice, a solid data backup strategy requires storing your data in different mediums; remotely and locally. You also need a solution that allows you to easily recover your files.”
— Alvin Poh
SINGAPORE, January 30, 2023 / -- CLDY, APAC’s fastest-growing web and cloud solutions provider, announces their Web Hosting Backup and Restore service. Built with the growing needs of businesses in mind, the solution protects important business data through daily backups and saves up to 14-days worth of data.

Businesses have been transforming digitally at a rapid pace. The internet has successfully bridged the gap between productivity and efficiency. However, it also poses a big challenge: How do you properly manage the large amounts of data your website or application processes daily?

Data management is a multifaceted process. At its core, lies website backups. A website and email backup solution can be a life saver. They are a critical safety net for business continuity when all other resources fail.

Preventing Data Loss with a Website Backup Service
Data loss can mean disaster for any businesses. So, a complete data backup strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, it must be treated as an important business investment.
Data loss can lead to downtime: In a study conducted by Gartner, the average cost of website downtime reaches up to $5,600 per minute.

Data loss can happen to anyone: Hardware or software failure is the leading cause of downtime, with human error and viruses right behind.

Data loss can impact business reputation: Word travels fast. The last thing any business wants is losing their customer’s trust.
“With more and more businesses recognising the importance of a web presence, safeguarding digital assets have become more important than ever,” said Alvin Poh, founder of CLDY. “By practice, a solid data backup strategy requires storing data in different mediums; remotely and locally. Businesses also need to ensure that they have a solution that allows them to easily recover their files in case the worst happens.”

C.3 Gen Technology Powers CLDY’s Backup Solution

Powering CLDY’s signature hosting solutions, C.3 Gen is the brand’s proprietary technology also behind their Web Hosting Backup and Restore service.
CLDY’s web hosting solutions already guarantee a 99.9% uptime guarantee and industry grade security, but no one can really predict when an outage beyond control occurs.

To give customers peace of mind, CLDY’s Web Hosting Backup and Restore offers daily automatic backups of websites and email files within a 14-day retention period. The system fulfills this by taking “snapshots'' or exact duplicates of the work done on your email or website daily. Users have the option to review and reinstate the previous data as needed.

Among the key features of CLDY’s Web Hosting Backup and Restore are:

Website and email backups with 14-days retention
Individually restore HTML, CSS, PHP, or JPEG
Restore emails by Read, Unread, and Sent email files
One-click restoration

“The way a business responds to data loss is a career defining moment,” Alvin Poh adds. “Part of what we do in CLDY is to make it as easy for businesses to prevent and respond to events like ransomware, system failure or human error.”

Businesses and website owners can learn more about Web Hosting Backup and Restore service by visiting CLDY’s official site today.

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