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Efani Introduces NumberScan to Check Phone Number Vulnerability

Efani has released a free tool to check the vulnerability against SIM swap attacks.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 / -- Most Americans know the importance of their Social Security Numbers but are unaware of threats around their mobile numbers. “You’ll give away your number to strangers on craigslist, restaurants, website registrations, etc., but then use the same number for banks, brokerages, email, and crypto accounts without a second thought,” says Haseeb Awan, Founder & CEO of Efani.

In addition to volunteering your mobile number, your data is being collected and sold by mobile operators, operating systems like IOS and Android, mobile app providers, internet service providers, and much more. Whenever a person visits a website, there are tools for the hosting entity to collect their phone model, device OS, and other valuable bits of info that can be used to attack them. To make things worse, web crawlers are used to scour social media, data breaches, and public information to attribute and build profiles on every one of us. Then all of this is offered up by data brokers to anyone willing to pay, whether they are marketing firms or criminal hackers.

“The reason you should care,” says Mark Kreitzman, General Manager of Efani, “is because this information, and more, are readily available to every hacker on the planet within seconds. Once a hacker profiles a person as a viable target, they can use other means of gathering their personal information, such as Phishing attacks via email or SMS, DNS Hijacking, SS7 attacks, and more, and then use this information to SIM swap them to reset passwords and take control of their email, bank account, social media, crypto account and more.” Once a hacker has enough information, they can track the victim's location using their device ID (IMEI Number) and intercept phone calls and messages with their IMSI number. It is not something to take lightly.

Efani provides secure mobile service plans called SAFE and Black Seal, with plans to launch a secure VoIP solution in February to offer encrypted voice, video, and messaging.

To check your phone number's vulnerability to SIM swap, enter your mobile number, verify using SMS to make sure you own the number, and then check out the free report, which will show your previous address, jobs, what mobile service you use if you were part of a known data breach, and other vital elements. The number of queries is limited each day so submit your query early in the day.

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