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NFTs and RVs Collide as CampersDAO Prepares to Buy a Real-World Campground

CampersDAO Trailblazer Membership

CampersDAO Trailblazer Membership

CampersDAO Pioneer Membership

CampersDAO Pioneer Membership

NFT membership puts 10,000 RVers in the driver’s seat of the world’s first Web3 camping community, real-world RV parks, exclusive benefits, and perks.

We started this company with a common goal: to buy top-rated RV resorts, offer a unique campground membership experience powered by NFTs, and build a member-led community unlike any other.”
— Travis John

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2023 / -- The first Web3 camping community powered by NFTs has arrived as CampersDAO prepares to buy real-world RV parks and provide exclusive access and community governance to its parks, camping perks, and community through an NFT-based membership coming on Earth Day, April 22, 2023.

“We’re building a community of RV enthusiasts by merging blockchain technology with the great outdoors,” Travis John, CampersDAO founder and Web3 enthusiast, said with conviction. RVing has been John’s passion for years, from weekend getaways to year-long camping adventures with his wife and kids. “My experience building Web2 product and service businesses, Web3 blockchain projects, and real estate have also prepared me to lead such an ambitious mission,” says John.

John has never felt more excitement and connection to his work because he is doing what he loves and solving a significant need in the camping community. John said, “We started this company with a common goal: to buy top-rated RV resorts, offer a unique campground membership experience powered by NFTs, and build a member-led community unlike any other.” “Even though there are thousands of RV parks in the United States, many are run-of-the-mill campgrounds only good for plugging in your RV, resting, and recharging.” “The beauty of our decentralized, community-governed model is that it puts our members in control of buying and operating top-rated RV parks based on what matters most to them,” concluded John.

Reimagining Campground Memberships:

“We’re using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to change how campground memberships work,” added John. “CampersDAO members will be our advisory board and help us decide which RV parks to buy and how to run them.” “They also get priority access, discounts, special perks, and experiences.”

The CampersDAO's two Genesis NFTs, the Trailblazer Membership and the Pioneer Membership, for a total of 10,000 NFT Memberships, will be the only way to get into the DAO. The NFT project is launching on April 22, 2023, on the Ethereum blockchain with 8,000 Trailblazer Memberships and 2,000 Pioneer Memberships. Ten percent of the NFT memberships are reserved for giveaways and partnerships with camping partners, RV parks, and other organizations.

“Each membership level gives buyers a say in how CampersDAO is run, access to CampersDAO's first RV park at a discount, and access to all parks and campgrounds that CampersDAO buys in the future,” John said. The Genesis NFTs are the only way to get a lifetime membership to all CampersDAO RV campgrounds with discounted camping rates and no annual dues. In addition, the membership is fully transferable and can be sold or given to anyone. John added, “As avid RVers know, camping fees and yearly dues can be expensive, and we want to reward the Web3 camping pioneers who get involved early in our project.”

CampersDAO will be run by the community and built with advanced DAO tools to get the most input from the community and reach the project's goals. The rules and governance are coded in smart contracts, voted upon, and directed by the members. Upcoming NFT holders will collaborate and vote on acquiring physical RV campgrounds based on what’s most important. For example, members will vote on critical criteria like campground quality, location, uniqueness, design, aesthetics, culture, the ability to camp year-round, a ready-to-camp experience vs. building a new campground, amenities, facilities, event buildings, and determining how many RV, cabin, and tent spots there should be.

Like any other organization, a significant acquisition like an RV park requires fitting into a budget and determining what compromises and tradeoffs are needed to reach the North Star of a network of top RV resorts, a one-of-a-kind community, and a unique member experience for all.

In addition to the core team, CampersDAO will have member-led pods for all operational aspects of running the DAO. The DAO's operational pods make the project work and give members financial rewards based on their contributions and expertise. Once the campground is purchased, the community will help decide how it will run, what events will happen, and more.

Trailblazer members will have a say in how the company is run and also have access to special perks like preferred access to the RV campgrounds at discounted rates, annual free-camping days, member-only events and rallies, CampersDAO merchandise, an NFT-gated members-only website, a Web3 community, DAO tools, the ability to connect with other members online and in person, member-to-member regional camping groups, and invitations to participate-to-earn and travel-to-earn incentives. There are also discounts at other RV campgrounds, camping clubs and organizations, RV rentals and sharing, RV and camping gear and accessories, and support resources that come with industry partnerships. Last but not least, when CampersDAO profile picture NFTs go live in the future, members will get one for free.

The higher-level Pioneer membership will have all the benefits of the Trailblazer membership plus four times as many voting rights. Pioneer members will have four times as much say in the direction of the project and will get priority access to rallies and events that are only for members. Being a part of the CampersDAO Scout program is another exciting perk. This program gives members access to the potential RV parks that CampersDAO is considering buying. Pioneer members can get into the trenches with the core CampersDAO team and be more involved in the campground purchase process, analysis, onsite campground visits, day-to-day management, and more. “The Pioneer membership is our version of an inner-circle mastermind group, which is especially appealing to those members who want to gather around the campfire (physically and virtually) to make CampersDAO the best it can be,” concluded John.

The price for the Trailblazer membership will be approximately $500, and the Pioneer membership will be $2000 USD. Each NFT membership investment price will be in Ethereum (ETH) at the time of minting. Because NFT memberships and Web3 are so new, the team will offer training to help them purchase their first membership on the blockchain as an NFT. The group is also considering a credit card purchase method so that campers who aren't as tech-savvy can join. Even though this is a new concept, they expect both memberships to sell quickly and will enable trading on the secondary market, Opensea, once all NFTs have been sold.

The First Web3 Community of RV Enthusiasts:

“RVers are a passionate group of people who are always excited to get involved in new camping projects,” continued John. “When you can get a group of people to rally around an idea and work together, you can accomplish great things.”

According to John, DAOs are simply Communities 3.0, allowing the already close-knit camping community to have a greater say in how communities and companies are run. Because DAO operations are fully transparent, their members can be high-powered advisors, making the once-crazy idea of forming a group to "buy a campground" and building lifelong relationships in real life and online a reality.

John emphasized that, as a society, we are moving away from businesses that offer products or services and towards communities. Products and services are transactional. John commented that communities are relational, just like camping, making this a natural transition to building a Web3 travel club for RV enthusiasts. He went on to say that CampersDAO is making campground membership more democratic by giving members the right to vote and, ideally, the power to decide how money is spent on buying and running top-rated RV parks. The beauty of building in Web 3.0 is that when membership and incentives are aligned, there is accountability and transparency throughout the project.

“Anyone who is involved in Web3 knows that NFTs are more than just pictures or collectibles,” CampersDAO John remarked. “But those who haven't been indoctrinated yet don't see the true value of NFTs right away.” He explained that NFTs are a primary currency of the Web3 movement, and their utility is the building block of thriving communities that will last for decades. CampersDAO uses the latest blockchain technology and an innovative business model to turn a membership into an NFT asset.

John emphasized that his opinion may not be popular because when NFTs don’t have a direct utility, like digital pictures and collectibles, they seem arbitrary. But when they are connected to real-world assets (RWA) and an experience, the value and scarcity of the NFT can be exponential. John also mentioned that there are a lot of camping memberships out there right now. Still, none can compare to owning a CampersDAO NFT in terms of utility, democratization, community, and a wide range of benefits.

John went on to say that the other frustrating aspect of today’s camping membership options is that they are constantly creating new membership tiers to attract new members at the expense of their original members. On top of that, most memberships can’t be sold or transferred without jumping through lots of hoops, so CampersDAO members can rest assured that their membership will be the same on day one and for a lifetime. Finally, he explained how the CampersDAO membership is a smart contract on the blockchain, so ownership can be checked and changed anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Because most people aren't web-3 blockchain geeks like me,” John concluded, “we intend to be a bridge between web-2 and web-3 and create incredible value for our community.” He expects many first-time NFT buyers, which is fantastic because it brings new people into the blockchain and NFT spaces. So far, almost all of the responses to creating a decentralized camping community have been positive.

‘We are Going to Buy a Campground’:

CampingDAO has to deal with getting enough money to buy an RV campground. So the group aims to raise the funds necessary to buy it and make it a community-driven DAO. The Genesis NFT launch funds will pay for the community's first campground, which shows the true power of a 10,000-member community that will guide the successful purchase and management of our top-rated parks.

Once the NFT sale is complete, the path to purchasing the first physical RV park will begin. The NFT holders will vote on where the first CampersDAO park will be in the United States. This is where the group will have its headquarters and run its network of RV parks. The timing is also on CampersDAO's side because the real estate market in the United States is experiencing a correction, which should offer a perfect time to buy real estate at the right price. Also, since DAOs can't legally hold traditional assets like real estate, the group will keep the property in a US-based corporation. The way it works is that the community will vote on critical decisions, and the CampersDAO corporation will follow through on the decisions of its members. The corporation will own the physical assets, sign contracts, pay off traditional debts, raise equity as needed, and run the RV campgrounds on a daily basis, among other things.

Regarding how the money will be spent, 8% of the proceeds from the first sale of NFTs will go to the NFT launch. This includes paying the NFT launch team partners, marketing costs, whitelist gas fees, tech stack fees, integration fees, and so on. John says that the remaining 92% of the sale proceeds will go directly to the DAO to spin up all the operations necessary to achieve the community goals. 32% of the remaining 92% of the treasury funds will be converted into stablecoins and US dollars (USD) right away to cover DAO and company operating costs, hire more team members, make a down payment on the campground, and pay NFT and DAO members for their contributions. The other 60% will be kept in Ethereum (ETH) and turned into stablecoins and USD as needed to cover additional operational costs, RV park purchases, and future growth.

John acknowledged that they are setting out to do something that’s never been done before and that DAOs initially require their members to trust the organization’s founders and mission. In this case, CampersDAO members are banking that John and the core contributors will follow through on the plans to buy an RV park and provide valuable member benefits and perks. Because CampersDAO members are customers and advisors and get to contribute to the DAO and get compensated, John believes the community should see little risk in getting involved. It’s up to all members (with structure and guidance from a competent core team) to get involved and continue to deliver. Ultimately, the community members will play the primary role in this project, keeping everyone accountable as they work, evolve, and grow together to make the community’s road map a reality.

About CampersDAO:
The world’s first Web3 camping community powered by NFTs has arrived as CampersDAO puts 10,000 RVers in the driver’s seat of real-world RV parks and grants access to exclusive benefits and perks. To find out more and join the announcement list, visit

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