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A New, Page-Turning Young Adult Fantasy Released From Palmetto Publishing

Magic is on the rise in Le Mars, Iowa. On the first day of school, High Druid Ben meets Vanessa and they grow suspicious of teacher Miss Hinkel. What dark secrets is she hiding?

Charletson, SC, Jan. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the second installment of his Druids of Le Mars series, Greg Severson weaves a tale of nostalgia, friendship, and good versus evil. 

It’s the 1960s and magic is on the rise in our world, thanks to a group of Druids who have settled in Le Mars, Iowa. Last summer, sixth grader Ben Walker discovered he was a Druid and was asked to join the High Council that magically protects the town. After helping them deal with an evil coven of witches and the warlock who owned the Union Hotel, he is now looking forward to getting back to being a normal kid.

On the first day of school, Ben meets Vanessa, who is new in town. It isn’t long before he discovers she also has a special connection to magic. Together, they grow suspicious of Miss Hinkel, their vocal instructor. 

To make matters worse, Ben learns his sister Ann and her two new friends, Buddy and Maisie, have a special connection to one of earth’s energy sources. They become suspicious that their two new classmates might actually be changelings—elves who were kidnapped by the villain Draven from the Other World and turned into humans. 

Ben Walker must find a way to defeat the villain Draven—and work with Vanessa to discover Miss Minkel’s dark secrets—or watch Buddy and Maisie perish.

Halls of Stolen Dreams is available for purchase online at For more information about the author, please visit his social media platform:

Facebook: Druids of Le Mars Trilogy 

About the Author:

Greg Severson is a retired pathologist who is married with one big happy blended family of five children and twelve grandkids. He grew up in Le Mars, Iowa, the town the book is set in, and currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He and his wife Deb enjoy traveling, hiking, and skiing, and once in a while she’ll even agree to keep him company while he enjoys an occasional cigar. Greg loves the outdoors and all animals, particularly dogs, and has a special place in his heart for his old bulldog, Wendy.


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