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Veteran Tampa Bay Middle School Math Teacher Launches YouTube Channel to Help Students Around the World

Marcia Silberman


Youtube channel

I developed the YouTube channel so that students could learn at their own pace and understand the language used to talk about math.”
— Marcia Silberman
TAMPA BAY, FL, USA, January 11, 2023 / -- Marcia Silberman, a veteran Tampa Bay area school teacher, has launched her own YouTube channel for students learning algebra, pre-algebra, 6* grade basics, and soon, geometry.

Her new channel takes what she has learned over 30 years in the classroom and helps kids around the world grasp math, improve problem-solving abilities, and gain confidence in a subject that is essential to success in so many fields, from science and engineering to business and finance.

With many years of experience at Hillsborough County Schools, Wilson Middle School, and Walker Middle Magnet School, Marcia has a warm and friendly teaching style that encourages students to explore and cultivate their math skills. On a mission to make math stress-free, Marcia tackles the most important skills and for middle school math students.

Marcia says, "Many students ask me what the most important things you learn in middle-school math are and how they serve you for the rest of your life. I developed the YouTube channel so that students could learn at their own pace and understand the language used to talk about math. I've helped students improve their ability to think critically and solve problems for more than 30 years. By starting this YouTube channel, I can teach students from all over the world what I've learned as a teacher."

Launched in the Fall of 2022, the Youtube channel has skyrocketed to almost 1k subscribers.

The channel isn't just an aid for the students themselves, but also for frustrated parents who might be helping them with homework. The retired veteran teacher is on a mission to use YouTube as a vehicle to make a difference in the world, no matter the type of student or math dilemma.

Marcia continues, "Math is integrated into every aspect of our lives, and building your skill in math leads to greater self-esteem, increased problem-solving abilities, and enhanced career opportunities. It's this wide-reaching positive impact on your life that motivates me and many of my math education colleagues to help students every day."

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