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Minneapolis Artist Pens Fierce Single for Earth Day

Independent Minneapolis Musician Reverse Mechanic headshot

Reverse Mechanic Headshot

Single cover art for new Alternative Hip Hop song "Crazy" showing an angry crazy cartoon

New Single Cover Art

"Crazy" To Be Released April 21, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, April 4, 2023 / -- This Earth Day, an angsty ringing in the soul of a warming world crashes through speakers all over the planet as alternative hip hop and indie pop artist Reverse Mechanic debuts his new single "Crazy" to highlight Earth Day. The Minneapolis artist has released new studio singles and/or music videos every single month for over a year now, amassing hundreds of thousands of Youtube views and building momentum on a journey he calls "Broken Down" - in which he aims to address the brokenness within himself and within the world at large.

Just one example of this brokenness in the world is evidenced by the climate crisis. As the powerfully soulful new song declares:
"The water level's rising. Start prepping to sandbag.
It's like the whole world's going to heck in a handbag.
Apocalypse now, trick. Check if it's man-made.
We're burning the world and we're expecting a bandaid."

Joe Wistrcill, front man and lyrical mastermind behind Reverse Mechanic, said shining a light on the brokenness in the environment was unquestionable for the Broken Down project.

“I started this project in 2020, and it seems more pressing now than ever before,” Wistrcill explains. “The concept came while living in Minneapolis during the riots after George Floyd’s murder. It really felt like the world was breaking down. I was still recovering from surgery after a major car crash, dealing with my dad’s recent death, and pondering broken personal relationships, and I realized that it was not only the world that seemed broken, it was me. It almost seemed ironic that my tag line was ‘breaking it down.’ I realized I had to take to the studio and sift through it all. The climate crisis is one of the biggest problems we face on a global level. I hope I can make a positive impact in some small way.”

Check out the new song, and stay tuned for the wild ride that will continue with new music every month of the year.

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For early press access to the new track, click here.

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