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BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2022 / -- PROLCS’s focus on improving revenue using a unique approach to relationship capital management increases the likelihood of employee and client retention. This powerful combination is the framework for the most efficient and cost-effective way to grow businesses, referral marketing. Formal referral marketing programs take on a life of their own when built upon this framework.

They are dedicated to helping businesses who are struggling with their referral programs. They know that many businesses rely on referrals as a way of acquiring clients, but many of these programs are not working properly.

PROLCS can help businesses increase their retention rates by helping businesses improve their clients experience and converting them into raving fans. This lays the foundation for making organic referrals natural, word of mouth more likely and referral marketing very effective.

This focus on relationship capital management makes personalized marketing campaigns more effective for each client.

The highly personalized connections extend good will, clients feel like they are getting higher value from their experience with businesses. Hence the creation of clients who create more clients.

Valdez Lasartemay is the founder of ProLcs, A career sales and marketing professional with successful experience in direct marketing and sales, selling over the phone, inside, outside, in retail, and as a sales manager, and national sales trainer. His assertion is that sales professionals should also be marketers. Armed with the combination of both sales and marketing education increases businesses chances for success exponentially.

ProLcs will work with businesses to develop a plan that will help them secure and retain clients, so that their business can grow. They use their extensive network of industry contacts and relationships to deliver results for their clients. They have experience working with companies of all sizes, so they can tailor a package that works for businesses!

Optimize relationship capital, with their free white paper now!

Some of the secrets inside are:
• How important it is to create a customer experience that sets business apart and gives that cool factor that's keeps clients wanting to come back again and again.
• How organic referrals are a given but the real value is in attracting the right referrals for the right reasons in the most profitable fashion.
• How leverage and efficiency improve when businesses are strategic in how they communicate with their tribe verbally and non-verbally.

There is hidden value in every company, value largely overlooked, yet easy to tap into when people have the right vision!

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+1 800-956-1848
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