How to Overcome Being Single, Sad and Lonely During the Holidays

Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle; Owners of Elite Connections.

Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle; Owners of Elite Connections.

Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy with Dr. Phil

Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy with Dr. Phil

Celebrity Matchmaker Elite Connections gives here free advice to singles on how to overcome being sad and lonely during the holidays.

Some singles find the holiday pressure so overwhelming. They settle for less, just so they can unwrap presents with someone or have someone to kiss when the ball drops at midnight New Year’s Eve.”
— Sherri Murphy, CEO; Elite Connections
MALIBU, CALIFORNIA , USA , December 21, 2022 / -- Navigating the holidays alone can be hard for those who wish they were in a relationship. This can be even harder when one has friends and family, and more so when one is single and they’re not. Negative feelings—envy, self-pity, and even hopelessness—can leave one feeling seasonal or even long term depression.

“Some singles find the holiday pressure so overwhelming. They settle for less, just so they can unwrap presents with someone or have someone to kiss when the ball drops at midnight New Year’s Eve,” says Sherri Murphy, a dating expert and owner of Elite Connections, Inc. “We at Elite Connections encourage singles to keep their standards just as high during the holidays as any other time of year.”

Sherri and her daughter Tammi Pickle report that they have helped thousands of singles find long-term partners. They confirm, from their own observations, generalizations reached from recently released studies that show a trend toward inexpensive, low-pressure first dates and singles who are more focused on their own mental health. [1] “We love helping people who already know who they are find each other,” says Tammi Pickle. “Still, it’s understandable when even secure, successful singles get the holiday blues.”

Research shows that resilience, the ability to “bounce back,” is a key predictor of susceptibility to depression. [2] Playing the dating game with a coach or professional matchmaker can help build resilience. “We coach both dating partners to be emotionally mature with each other," Sherri Murphy at Elite Connections states, adding, "Honesty is always the best policy, but honesty should never come at the excuse of kindness.”

Since both partners on a first date report back to their matchmaker as a member of Elite Connections, they know that they will be held accountable for being kind, courteous, and mature. "It always helps to hire a professional who will weed out unsuitable matches and keep everyone on their best behavior," Sherri says. Aside from working with a professional matchmaker, Sherri’s additional tips for holiday dating include the following:

1. Don’t lower your standards just to be with someone for the holidays.
2. If you are someone who fears spending the holiday alone, talk about holiday expectations openly and up front. Does the person you’re dating expect you to spend the holiday together?
3. Make a list of ways that you’ve overcome obstacles or demonstrated resilience in the past. One of the best ways to be resilient and avoid the holiday blues is to remind yourself that you already are resilient.
4. The people who have the easiest time getting into a relationship are those who already feel whole and complete without a partner. Do things for yourself that make you happy. Being fulfilled and secure with who you are is the easiest way to meet your match.

Sherri Murphy states that 68% of California residents are single, and asks, "So why is it so difficult to meet someone appropriate?" Sherri says, “There are approximately 270,000 more single women than men in California. Los Angeles has always been a difficult place to find love. There are more single women than men for one thing. But also a large majority of the women are older and the men are younger. It makes it difficult to find someone that fits what you’re searching for. That’s why our elite matchmaking services are in business.” Sherri adds that "Elite Connections International has an impressive record of lasting matches, A+ business ratings, and thousands of happy clients."

About Elite Connections

Elite Connections International is an exclusive, VIP matchmaking company headquartered in Westlake Village, California. They have many offices in Southern CA and the US. They have appeared on ET, CNBC, Dr. Phil, CBS, FOX, Bravo, OWN, Marie Claire, E! News, Business Insider, and “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” among more. Sherri Murphy is the founder of the company and started it in 1994 when she met her husband through a matchmaker.

Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy invites singles in to the office, or to call by phone. She offers, "For a free consultation on how Elite Connections LA matchmaking services can help you, please call us at: 800-923-4200 or email"


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