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Macrame More Embraces Transparency Amid Turmoil

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The international nonprofit Macrame More responds to community outrage by embracing transparency via recording & disseminating all of its weekly board meetings.

It wasn't different when I served on the board of the Red Cross. The level of intensity was much lower, but people still brought their concerns and complaints to the Board.”
— Paul Lankings
DERBY, UK, December 19, 2022 / -- Macrame More, the world's largest proponent of Macrame, is reorienting after the organization was rocked by controversy following a board shakeup. Susan Smith Evans, the long time Board President of Macrame More (who created and the championed the fight against Macrame Neglect) left the organization 6 months ago after a fatal accident. Other longstanding board members took this tragic opportunity to also leave the organization's service. Now a mostly new team of volunteers is running the organization as the new Board.

Community outrage has been a hallmark of this transition, with community members spewing vitriol and sometimes even threats online, by phone/mail and in person. While many orgs might recoil at such behavior, the Macrame More Board understands that these online expressions of hatred are best viewed as outcroppings of the community's passion and concern for the art of Macrame. Rather than push against this overwhelming wave of incendiary abuse, the Board has chosen to bravely embrace transparency. All board meetings will now be recorded and then uploaded to youtube so that all community members can see how and why decisions were reached. The first such video, from the Monday 10/10 board meeting is now available for viewing here.

Said the newly elected Board Secretary Paul Lankings, "It's exciting for me to be a part of a growing nonprofit, even though it does come with its share of drama. It wasn't different when I served on the board of the Red Cross. The level of intensity was much lower, but people still brought their concerns and complaints to the Board."

Interested parties are encouraged to look for updates on the new Macrame More Facebook page here. For those truly interested in understanding the Board's intent with the decisions being made, please follow the Facebook Page for additional writings on why decisions are being made.

Community members have already reached out to the Board with their enraged thoughts regarding the delay of these videos. Though 2023 is just around the corner, we are only just getting to uploading the October meetings. This is due to the file type the meetings were recorded as: avi files. These require rendering before upload on a computer powerful to stitch together the various image and audio files. The Board is working on a way to hasten this process, but confidently state that community members can count on at least one meeting being uploaded every week, albeit from about ten weeks in the past.

Besides the new policy regarding the transparent dissemination of recorded board meetings, the Macrame More Board is also working on:

*New sconces for the bathroom hallway
*A sexy Macrame calendar featuring Derby celebrity Keith Walker
*Macrame Holiday Gifts For The Poor
*A prison macrame program (currently mired in some light dispute)
*Finalizing board elections
*Recovering funds from a missing Barclay's Money Market Account
*Opening up our first international Macrame Center in Youngstown, Ohio

While the departure of Susan Smith Evans haunts the organization, the Board remembers her passion for Macrame (even though she never learned how to create a piece of Macrame). We look to her wisdom today for inspiration. It is critical to remember that there are no less people carelessly using Macrame today than there were when Susan was alive.

For this reason, we must focus on alleviating Macrame Neglect, rather than seeking petty revenge for the inappropriate anger directed at the Board.

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Macrame More
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10/10/22 Macrame More Board Meeting