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COVID-19 Patients with a positive NAT or RAT result must be assessed through the ‘Platform for Self-assessment and Community Outpatient Appointment for COVID-19 Patients’ before being treated

MACAU, December 16 - According to the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre (hereinafter referred to as the centre), the SAR Government has been distributing ‘anti-epidemic kits’ to all eligible people in Macao since 8 December. Macao residents can obtain antigen test reagents from the ‘anti-epidemic kits’ or through the ‘Macao Residents Rapid Antigen Test Kits Supply Scheme’, and use these reagents when necessary if they exhibit any symptom or become a close contact.

Residents who have a positive NAT or RAT result must first assess their condition by themselves via the ‘Platform for Self-assessment and Community Outpatient Appointment for COVID-19 Patients’ ( (to be opened on 14 December) (see the attachment ‘Infographic Set 1’ for the specific procedures). After assessment they can, based on the instructions given, undergo home quarantine, make an appointment with ‘community clinics for individuals infected with COVID-19’ (community clinics) or go to the Community Treatment Centre (Hall A of Macao East Asian Games Dome) (see the attachment ‘Infographic Set 2’ for details). The emergency number 999 should be called immediately for assistance if a patient is in a critical condition.

Medical consultation procedures at the community clinics are as follows:

  1. Residents who are assessed as needing to visit a community clinic can immediately book the time and location for their consultation;
  2. Residents who have made an appointment must enter the corresponding clinic on time with their Macao Health Code presented (which will then turn red);
  3. Residents with a positive RAT result will be attended to by a doctor of the clinic, where both Chinese and Western medical services are available;
  4. Patients can choose whether to take a NAT, and those who do not need to be sent to a hospital can leave the clinic after collecting their medication;
  5. Patients can apply to the doctor for a consultation certificate after completing the visit, and an electronic medical certificate will be issued.

Infected individuals requiring medical care will be evaluated by doctors at a community clinic or the Community Treatment Centre. Those who are assessed as requiring hospitalisation will be arranged to stay in a quarantine treatment hotel or hospital at a charge on a par with those for hospital inpatient services. Patients who are assessed to not require hospitalisation can leave the clinic or the centre after collecting their medication, and those with personal special needs can book a designated quarantine treatment hotel on their own and pay the expenses as per the normal hotel fees. In addition, consultation fees for tourists visiting Macao with a visa will be charged at 200% (including the registration and medication fees) when seeking medical care at a community clinic for COVID-19 patients.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre suggests that seniors and other individuals who are unable to perform online self-assessment can seek medical care at the community clinics directly. Residents in need can call the COVID-19-confirmed cases support hotline at 28 700 600 for enquiries.