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Grammy-nominated artist Gungor invites the art of bowing as a way to honor others with his single, "We Bow"

Gungor inspires everyone to recognize and honor those around us by bowing.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2022 / -- Grammy-nominated artist Gungor is pleased to share his single, "We Bow." The single celebrates the art of bowing and Michael Gungor's heart-opening journey that led to the song's inspiration.

The track is a lively, uplifting anthem of respect and honor that captures and celebrates life's beauty. With the release, Gungor encourages everyone to recognize and honor those around us by practicing bowing to show respect. The concept was inspired by Gungor's first time in Japan and the practice of turning among friends, colleagues, and family members.

This life-changing experience opened his heart and mind, allowing him to recognize the divine within himself and all around and bow to reality - this principle is from his favorite meditation techniques from the teachings of Sadhguru, the yogi and mystic behind Isha Foundation.

Bowing can be done in many forms—from a slight head nod to a deep bow from the waist—but it is always about recognizing another person's presence and respect.

Christmas provides an opportunity to reflect on this tradition, especially with the story of shepherds bowing before Jesus as he lay in a manger. The incredible mystery of existence is found within these small moments where we show reverence for those around us. That gave him a sense of awe, leading him to bow before this sacred moment—a moment he wanted to share with others worldwide.

"We Bow" is Gungor's newest single and provides an opportunity to practice bowing together. Gungor hopes this song will inspire people to recognize the beauty in those around them and bow down in reverence for the greatness within us all.

With its message of respect, love, and unity, "We Bow" celebrates what it means to be human—recognizing each other as one in a shared experience and a gesture of peace, love, and joy.

The single comes at the perfect time of year to remind us of the beauty of life and the connection we all share. With its joyous melody and inspirational message, Gungor's "We Bow" will surely bring Christmas cheer into people's homes. "We Bow" uses Gungor's unique sound and captures this special moment for listeners everywhere.

Celebrate this holiday season with Gungor's single and open your heart to the true wonders of Christmas. The divine is everywhere—all we have to do is pause and bow before it. So let us join hands and practice bowing—a sign of respect for ourselves and all humanity. Happy Holidays!

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About Gungor
Gungor is the epitome of creativity and authenticity. Michael Gungor, an award-winning artist, nondual spiritual teacher, author, and podcaster, created Gungor.

Michael Gungor is an artist who stands out for his creativity and authenticity. With two podcasts, "The Liturgists" and "Loving THIS," Michael has earned recognition from outlets such as USA Today, NPR, and others. His music has been featured in various commercials and trailers, with The Liturgists reaching millions of downloads at its peak.

Michael is a nondual spiritual teacher and author, making him one of the most multifaceted artists today. He brings his unique approach to spiritual knowledge through his podcasts, offering listeners something different yet equally valuable.

For those looking to explore their spirituality while connecting with someone on a personal level, Michael Gungor's podcasts and music are just what they need. With his creativity and authenticity, Michael provides an opportunity to discover something new with every listen.

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