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"Put your health first and the rest will follow," says bestselling author Dr. Teisha Robertson

Start now! Especially for women, it’s always the right time to stop using “I’m too busy” as an excuse and start putting yourself first.

Speaking positivity into myself, speaking affirmations into me, and just learning to put myself first have helped to get me over many of the obstacles and negativity.”
— Dr Teisha Robertson
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 14, 2022 / -- Looking back, Dr. Teisha Robertson sees her childhood full of habits that were not serving her health—comfort foods that were not nutritious, coming home from school and not engaging in any movement, and never putting any vegetables on her dinner plate. But it wasn’t until she got older, her mom developed diabetes and high blood pressure, and Teisha herself became pre-hypertensive that she really started to pay attention to changing her lifestyle. “I started to learn more about proper eating,” she explains, “what is a protein, what is fat, what is a carb, what are the macros? How do I need to eat in order to sustain my lifestyle as well as my heart health? How can I help my mom to do the same?”

When she found those answers, she knew she could help other women find them too and she became a personal trainer. “So many of us do not know where to start or how to start,” she says. “I realized that there are just too many people getting heart disease, which is caused by obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, and these things are controllable—unless you’re a Type 1 diabetic, of course. Otherwise, these are all disease states that we can take control of.”

The path from recognizing the value she had to share and launching her business was full of self-doubt, Teisha remembers, mainly coming from those around her. “For me, the big obstacle was getting out of my own way. When you’re trying to start a business, it can be very daunting, especially if you let others get in your ear. You have to be careful who you share your ideas with. A lot of people are not there for you. They come in with these negative thoughts, and that can be very discouraging.” Finally, she ignored the naysayers and listened to her heart. “I had to stop listening to the chitter-chatter and know that ‘Yes, Teisha, you can do this. You just have to put your mind to it and get to it.’ Mindset is everything.”

Find Teisha and her tips, tricks, and alternative nutrition hacks on Instagram @TaylorFitForYou. You can also read much of her story in the new book Inspiring Professional Women Who BossUp, a collection of interviews with female entrepreneurs that is packed with compelling stories, practical advice, and role models for any woman looking to boss up in her career or life.

About the Women Who Boss Up Book Series

Whether you’ve been bossing up for a while or you’re looking for support on your boss-up journey, the Women Who BossUp book series is your chance to take inspiration and advice from women just like you. These women come from all backgrounds, all walks of life, and all disciplines—STEM, healthcare, finance, coaching, nonprofits, and much more. You’ll read about women who left corporate America to pursue their dreams of business ownership, women who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges but learned how to move forward, women who followed their intuition to create lives of fulfillment and financial success, and much more. Learn more at

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