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Social media allows us to share our thoughts. We understand each other. Grief is a very lonely and isolated existence. Social media can add comfort and support to help regain a sense of belonging.”
— The Grief Warrior®

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2022 / -- The pandemic has amplified the importance of social media as an emotional outlet for grieving people. It has become a channel to express sadness and a platform where individuals can find comfort and solace amongst like-minded people in times of difficulty. As the festive season quickly approaches, it's become increasingly difficult for one particular TIK TOK account to get its message of comfort and support out into the grieving community. Despite trying everything in its power, TIK TOK never responds when they reach out for help with the account.

Social media has drastically transformed how we publicly grieve, allowing the bereaved community to share deep thoughts and emotions with each other because they understand each other; they’re able to communicate and share important events, anniversaries, and milestones with each other.
From entire photo albums to heartfelt posts to carefully crafted video montages, our compulsion to share remains the same. Still, our feeds seem to play a role in shaping how we memorialize those we’ve lost, and the freedom to post on a personal platform is essential.

Social media giants are grappling with the urgent task of ensuring genuine users can access assistance on their respective platforms. These organizations must take responsibility for creating a system that can cater to real people in need. One account in particular, for The Grief Warrior®, her observation of the daily emails, bot conversations, and the time is taken away from her grief clients because the account was mishandled into a business account, preventing the account from returning to a "personal" account.

Despite numerous attempts to regain access, TIK TOK has been silent since mid-September, when requests were sent to the legal department requesting a switch from business account to personal. The Grief Warrior® shares, "We have sent legal documentation representing my trademark name, The Grief Warrior®, to their legal department daily for months. The account is showing up as a BUSINESS account, "TEMP SUSPENDED. for three months" The account was "TEMP SUSPENDED" in business account status based on two posts using my OWN VOICE and my OWN COPYRIGHT SONG in the background, "WE HAD TO SAY GOODBYE" to promote the LOSS AWARENESS DAY petition on September 29th and the 7 Stages of Grief Alignment course books. LOSS AWARENESS DAY is a significant day of honor to the grieving community. In August, I was inspired by a response to my comment from Lisa Marie Presley. I felt seen when she acknowledged my comment on social media shortly below a poignant post she shared her voice on the death of her son, Benjamin. She commented, "how can I help" and that moment gave me an inner simmer of hope for the grief community. I felt "connected" to another grieving mother who gets the whole journey of eternal heartbreak.

This December 29th will be a bittersweet day for The Grief Warrior, marking 18 years since the untimely passing of her son, Nicky. She adds, "Although he is gone from us at 18 years old and would now have been 36 were he still alive, I celebrate him every day until our long-awaited reunion beyond the veil." It can often feel like society doesn't understand or accept grief; we need more people to use their voices, so those suffering are not alone with all that they feel. #Forever18

Social media networks have a powerful opportunity to build bridges with those who need support. By being mindful and responsive, these platforms can help foster attentive connections for people facing challenging issues that require swift action.

Online mourning rituals continue to take shape with the introduction of new technologies, social platforms, and ways people communicate in the virtual world. Expressing grief through social media is here to stay until different approaches to communication and community evolve along with new online platforms. For now, social media provides a reprieve from grief for millions worldwide who seek grief support from their online peers.

Being disregarded in a society that resists pausing to acknowledge can be incredibly sad. And for The Grief Warrior, it's that raw diamond of emotion that shines within each one of us called Hope. This rare glimpse into how we, as wounded people, can change our perspective surrounding grief is a powerful opportunity for a spiritual renaissance. Showing up, even for a moment, will give us hope that humanity still exists.

While she loves “that social media is shedding some light on what grief is,” ultimately, whether or how you choose to share your journey on a public or semi-public forum is up to you. Some may grieve quietly, while others are more inclined to be open about their ongoing process. No matter what feels right, though, it’s nice to know that, in this way, social media is there for us if we NEED it.

A note from TGW. Dear Tik Tok, I work so hard on my mental health every day and try my best to show up not in my lipstick and heels but in my anxious heart. Please restore my account to personal again, so I can share my music and songs that remind me of my loved ones gone.

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