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Contact Center Industry Review: Major Shifts That Changed the Face of the Industry in 2022 and What to Expect from 2023

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Contact Center Industry

The End-of-Year Live Roundtable

The learnings we had in 2022 will be the foundation of a better, brighter new year in business!”
— Christian Montes
CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / -- NobelBiz just released an end-of-year live roundtable with Contact Center experts invited to talk about the significant shifts that changed the face of the industry in 2022 and what to expect from 2023.

This valuable dialogue was held between:

Bradley Butler, Contact Center Software Consultant, a highly-skilled professional with more than ten years of experience in the space. He had worked in operations, business development/intelligence, and within the C-suite of executives making decisions regarding the workflows, platforms, and technology used in centers.

Michael McGuire, Senior Contact Center Software Consultant, with more than 24 years running global operations for both outsourcing and internal companies, in different verticals, from Fundraising, Collections, Telecom, Lead generation, and Travel.

Christian Montes, Executive VP of Client Operations, with over 15 years of leveraging technology and creative tactics to drive outcomes, working with some of the largest Enterprise Contact Centers, BPOs, and Global CCaaS providers in the world.

This was the last episode of the NobelBiz Webinar Series in 2022 and was streamed live on Thursday, December 8th, 2022, at 1 pm EST | 10 am PST. It can now be accessed on-demand on the NobelBiz official website.

The goal of this dialogue was for the audience to reflect on what 2022 meant for the contact center industry and to mindfully plan 2023 in terms of major changes, important milestones, opportunities, trends, and potential in the upcoming year.

Watch the entire episode on-demand to learn about:

🗸 Significant changes in the Contact Center industry in 2022

🗸 Innovations in cloud-based contact center technologies that unlocked business potential in 2022

🗸 Best practices and learnings from 2022

🗸 Emerging contact center trends in 2023 and beyond – technology, operations, customer service related

🗸 Top 3 strategies Contact Centers should implement in 2023

🗸 Top 3 tendencies Contact Centers should change for better business outcomes

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