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MTDL Urges the Lawmakers of Liberia to Investigate those Suspected of Abusing Funds Intended for the National Census

The lawmakers need to act because President Weah of Liberia shows no interest in investigating and prosecuting his officials accused of financial crimes.

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HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2022 / -- Movement for the Tenet of Democratic in Liberia (MTDL)

Dr. Moses Kulo, Chairman, MTDL
Release Through the Liberian Future Defender at
December 9, 2022

The Movement for the Tenets of Democracy in Liberia (MTDL) urges the lawmakers of Liberia to conduct a thorough investigation relating to an alleged abused fund intended for the national census. The international community contributed financially to the census. Therefore, Liberians and the donors need to know who transferred the money intended for the census to an Ivory Coast account, as Mr. Alex Williams reported on Spoon TV on November 15, 2022.

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) indicted several senior officials of the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-information Services (LISGIS) responsible for the census for corruption, but the president ignored the charges. MTDL found it necessary for the lawmakers to intervene because the president has not prosecuted suspected financial criminals for more than a year. His action revealed his unwillingness to fight corruption in Liberia.

• Recently, President Weah suspended Nathaniel McGill, Minister for Presidential Affairs, and two other officials sanctioned by the United States for corruption. Those three officials resigned from the government. However, President Weah shows no interest in investigating or prosecuting them.
• Madam Makenneh L. Keita, Presidential Special Projects Coordinator, demanded a $5m bribe from South African investors. The president announced that his legal counsel would investigate the matter instead of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. There has been no result after more than a year.

• In 2020 President Weah set up a committee to investigate the alleged brutality of journalists by the national security forces. The president's adviser, Dr. Laurence K Bropleh, was appointed committee chairman. There is no official result of the investigation.

• The president consistently uses his office to prevent investigating or prosecuting those accused of abuse of power and financial crimes in the past four years. There is no reason to believe now that the minister of finance and development planning, Samuel Tweah Jr., who is suspected of being involved in the mismanagement of funds allocated for the 2022 census, will be investigated. Mr. Tweah asking the Ecobank of Liberia to exonerate him or deny the transfer of funds intended for the census is an attempt to prevent a thorough investigation.

• In 2019, Mr. Tweah approved the infusion of $25m into the Liberian economy outside the banking system, which resulted in an investigation. The investigators found fake names and non-existed companies as the beneficiaries of the suspected money laundering operation.

Allowing officials suspected of criminal financial activities to walk away without any investigation or trial encourages corruption in the government. Therefore, the president needs to let appropriate government agencies handle cases. Resolving national matters involving corruption, security, and the well-being of the economy fairly and adequately ensures the people and international community the government's commitment to providing credible democratic leadership. MTDL believes that it is in the country's best interest for lawmakers to act to avoid emboldening financial criminals in the government. All those involved in this potential financial fraud must face justice.

Dr. Moses Kulo, Chairman, MTDL
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