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Growing together: How M6iT, an industry leader, proactively helped its client at the height of the pandemic

Anchored on the values of commitment and partnership, M6iT has been an industry game-changer that serves as an inspiration for many businesses for its track record of helping clients minimize their monthly Technology costs and stay afloat at the height of the deadly pandemic.

M6iT, an industry-leading IT solution partner, has earned praise globally for being at the forefront of client welfare at the height of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic – a value of commitment and dedication that has resonated with hundreds of its clients.

In an interview with the press, Jacob Ouaknine said as a trusted partner, M6iT has proactively contacted all of its clients on how the team can save them on their monthly bills. 

"While most competitors took advantage of COVID to charge premium prices, we reached out to our clients, focusing on the most affected, such as the Broadway and entertainment industry to minimize their monthly IT costs that allowed them to stay in survival mode," shares Jacob.

Companies in almost all industries have grappled with pandemic impacts as COVID swept across the world, leaving businesses in disarray. M6iT had taken up the cudgels to help its clients meet their critical needs and ensure a collaborative solution conducive to thriving in the changes brought about by the pandemic. 

M6iT's efforts to lend a helping hand increased its client trust and loyalty since everyone was looking to maintain their business.

"Even pre-COVID, we built our clients' technology with the option for a secured remote work environment. Everyone was already 90% ready to tackle the challenges that the pandemic brought, and the rebound was immediate. Each one recovered and was operating in prime condition," shares Jacob. 

M6iT's approach to business has been a game-changer in the industry – it doesn't seek clients but partners to grow. The team proactively manages its clients' technology – from onboarding/offboarding to automation, security & compliance, employee life cycle, and cloud solutions – so their clients can focus on operating and scaling their business.

As an industry leader, M6iT supports high-growth companies by turning complex IT infrastructure into operational simplicity. It fully understands IT scalability is key to success. The team increases employee productivity and ROI with risk mitigation, proactive management services, automation, and systems integration. 

M6iT's engineers deliver enterprise knowledge and tools to small/medium size businesses employing the industry's best practices in Security Solutions, Email Solutions, Apple MDM Solutions, Azure Cloud Solutions, Business disaster /Continuity solutions, and Virtualization Solutions. 

Duncan S., a verified client, lauded the M6iT team for handling all of his company's technical needs at a time when they were battered by pandemic-induced impacts and restrictions.

"For the past two years, we've had M6IT Consulting handle all of our technical IT needs at Stewart/Whitley – using all their proactive managed services, email, and security. Their customer service and support have been the best (by far) we have ever experienced, and their guidance/expertise has never proved more vital than now as my entire team works remotely during this time of Covid-19 and quarantine," wrote Duncan.

To say that the M6iT team has gone above and beyond would be an understatement, according to Duncan. 

"They have worked with us as collaborators – ensuring that our needs are met in a swift fashion. They are troubleshooters. They are imaginative in the ways of technology. More than all of this, they are easy/strong communicators and trustworthy," he shared.

Through thick and thin, M6iT values commitment and partnership above anything else. Its team actively monitors and maintains IT Infrastructure, minimizing cybersecurity risks and threats with its 24/7 monitoring.

Those looking for a committed partner to turn their IT management complexity into Operational Simplicity may reach out to the M6iT team right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about M6iT may visit its website at or follow its social channels for more information.

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