Good Company For Christmas 2022 is a 32 page Christmas card full of fun jokes for all our friends and clients to enjoy

A special online 32 page Christmas Card full of great fun and jokes for everyone to enjoy

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A Special Happy Christmas 2022 card with 32 pages of jokes and fun for all friends and clients of CFI to enjoy

Ours is a leading Company Incorporation Practice in Ireland and every year we go out of our way to produce a fun Christmas Card that will give everyone who reads it a smile - or two.”
— Séan Kavanagh - Managing Director Company Formations International
DUBLIN, IRELAND, December 9, 2022 / -- Every Christmas, without fail, the directors and staff of Company Formations International Limited, one of Ireland's leading Company Incorporation practices, produce a Happy Christmas Card with a difference. It's a 32-page online flipbook card full of jokes, witticisms and fun for all their clients and friends to freely enjoy.

It's hugely popular. And there's something in it for everyone to enjoy - including kiddies.

Announcing the publication of this year's Good Company for Christmas 2022 Card, Séan Kavanagh, Managing Director of Company Formations International Limited (CFI) says that this year's Good Company for Christmas card is published with a single purpose in mind. And this is to give everyone who reads it a smile - or two.

"Ours is a leading Company Incorporation Practice in Ireland', says Kavanagh. "our day-to-day business is dealing with company law and company secretarial matters and we rank among our clients some of the leading accountancy and legal practices in Ireland and Europe too. We're 32 years in practice and we always tried to produce a special Christmas Card that our clients and friends everywhere will enjoy receiving."

This year we have special jokes and fun pages for all our professional clients: Accountants, Legal professionals as well as company directors to enjoy. This year's Christmas Good Company 2022 is genuinely great fun to read. And it comes to everyone with special christmas greetings from all of us in Company Formations Internationals Limited (CFI).


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