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South Anchorage Dental Center Explains Getting Dental Cleanings Without Insurance in New Guide

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / -- South Anchorage Dental Center has just released new information detailing how patients can get dental cleanings and other services even if they don’t have insurance. And with the high cost of dental services, this information is perfect for those who don’t have access to dental insurance.

Dental care is extremely important for proper oral hygiene. After all, without the ability to take care of one’s teeth, this can lead to debilitating oral conditions including gum disease which can ultimately result in tooth or bone loss.

And getting periodic cleanings is the first line of defense in keeping a bright smile and proper oral health.

Unfortunately, dental services can be costly. But SADC offers many paths toward paying for dental services, including essential cleanings.

A few payment methods that SADC offers are:

• SADC Dental Savings Plan
• In-house financing
• Cash and checks
• Credit or debit cards
• CareCredit
• Proceed Financial

On average, dental cleanings can cost anywhere between 75 and 200 dollars without insurance. And in some cases, a deep cleaning may be required which can cost anywhere between 150 and 300 dollars for those without insurance.

For patients who cannot afford the full price of dental services out of pocket, and for patients without dental insurance, SADC is dedicated to offering affordable options for preventative dental care.

With all of the options that SADC offers for paying for dental services, patients without dental insurance or the cash up front to pay for services can rest easy knowing that their dental needs will be taken care of. For example, with the SADC Dental Savings Plan, patients can receive discounts on many procedures. Additionally, with in-house financing, patients can get the dental services they need and pay for the cost with easy monthly payments.

South Anchorage Dental Center is committed to the dental needs of all patients. And if you’re interested in learning more about the payment options that SADC offers, you can reach out to SADC via their company website.

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