Game Show Legend Bob Barker turns 99 this Monday Dec 12, 2022

Lets all wish Bob Barker a HAPPY 99TH Birthday”
— ROGER NEAL, Bob Barker Publicist
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 9, 2022 / -- He will spend his birthday at home watching his favorite tv shows and will spend it quietly.
Nancy Burnet, who oversees Barker’s care and has been a longtime friend and companion to Barker since 1983 said “Barker is doing great and will be very aware of all of the birthday wishes he will be receiving on his 99th birthday.” We want all fans of PRICE IS RIGHT and BOB BARKER to take to social media and give him a shout out for his birthday!

Barker is pleased that a new generation of fans have come from the Barker Era clips of PRICE IS RIGHT has been all over social media in the past year or so that are now global!

Burnet said she is proud of all the work for Animal rights that she and Barker have done over all these years including a recent endowment to Donkey Land in southern California.

Bob Barker wants to remind everyone to have their pets spayed and neutered to help control the pet population.

Let’s all wish America’s Greatest M.C. a very happy 99th birthday

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