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Chasing Rainbows Announces Investment in Coralai™ Next Generation, Quantitative-self, Skin Monitoring Enterprise

Skin scan your way to better skin health today.

See how you rank, and track your skin at Coralai today!

Coralai™ features computer vision, AI, smart booking, and virtual video, and deep learning memory that tracks skin changes overtime for shoppers and providers.

At Coralai we provide the best in clean, green, clinically tested, plant based products, which are proven to work as intended. We confidently encourage our free skin tracking to every shopper.”
— Sean Patrick Harrington
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / -- Venture firm Chasing Rainbows announces their latest investment in Corpus Group, Inc., a registered Delaware C corporation that provides new commercial endeavors to the personal wellness market.

The group's first launch is Coralai. Coralai makes choosing skincare products and meeting with licensed skincare providers simple. Leveraging their AI technology, Coralai helps to improve the overall health of their client’s skin by sourcing the best products, and services, from a variety of brands and practitioners. These products and services are custom tailored for each client. Coralai launched in August 2022 to the US market, and soon will help anyone throughout the world via their global platform.

Coralai co-founder and CEO, Sean Patrick Harrington, “Our suite of technology, including skin tracking performance, is a seachange in the skincare marketplace. Although the category is improving by offering a greater variety of clean and plant-based skin care products, there has been no way to track skincare product performance. At Coralai we provide the best in clean, green, clinically tested, plant based products that have been proven to work as intended. Which is why we confidently encourage our free skin tracking to every shopper.”

Aiding the company’s vision to improve the health and wellness of human skin, Coralai’s built-in booking and video technology swiftly connects clients directly with licensed providers. Each provider sets their own office hours and low-cost consultative rates. Providers are able to triage shopper queries in moments, rather than forcing patients to wait days, weeks, or months.

Ben Stokes, founding partner at Chasing Rainbows, “The livelihoods of skincare providers were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns and the ensuing recession. At Chasing Rainbows our mission is to help level the playing field for companies whose founding team includes members who identify as LGBTQ+. The majority of the professional skincare sector is helmed, staffed, and serviced by underrepresented business owners who are primarily LGBTQ+, women, and BIPOC. Moreover, the majority of clients, patients, and consumers are LGBTQ+, women, and BIPOC. Coralai fits our thesis perfectly.”

Harrington, “Research clearly demonstrates an urgent and compelling need for digital innovation in the skin and wellness industry. The last two years exposed significant weaknesses in main street spas, med-spas, and dermatology practices. As a marketing and business building tool, Coralai helps recession-proof businesses by driving new sources of revenue through affiliate and virtual consultation earnings.”

Accessed through any phone, tablet, or desktop camera, Coralai quantitatively assesses human skin and encrypts the data in her memory. Coralai marries this quantitative data with client inputs on needs, wishes, wants, and desires. Human skin changes as we age. By keeping track of skin changes over time, Coralai helps orient clients to the best skincare products and professional services for their personal needs over the course of their lifetime.

Coralai welcomes all skincare shoppers, particularly clients who are undergoing significant hormonal changes in their skin and providers who specialize in hormonal changes that impact skin health. Coralai is a safe place for our members who are transgender, pregnant, undergoing oncology care, experiencing menopause or onset adult acne. “This is our mission and calling. We are DEI-rooted and our brand’s vision is encapsulated in our go-to-market strategy,” concludes Coralai co-founder and President, Jenna Blaha.

How it Works:
Customers visit Coralai and click a button to scan their skin. Coralai guides customers as our computer vision technology captures an image of their face. Our AI scans the image in real time. The entire process takes less than a minute. Customers receive a personalized skin diagnostic report and a curated list of product recommendations that is generated by advanced artificial intelligence that sifts through a robust multi-brand product catalog to identify the best solution for the customer’s desired outcome. Recommended products can be purchased with one click. Customers can also book telecare and in-person appointments with skincare professionals for further assistance. Products, routines and services are securely recorded in our HIPAA, GDPR, BIPA, CCPA compliant database, allowing individuals to see changes in their skin over time and adjust their routines accordingly to meet their individual skincare needs and goals.

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