AirData and Acubed, Airbus’ Innovation Center, Partner to Provide LAANC Authorization

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LAANC Approval AirData & Acubed

LAANC Approval AirData & Acubed

AirData to provide unified enterprise solution for LAANC authorization through integration with Acubed’s unmanned traffic management software

Providing an intuitive and straightforward method for our customers to attain LAANC authorization is of paramount importance to us.”
— AirData CEO Eran Steiner

EL DORADO HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / -- AirData today announced an integration partnership with Acubed, Airbus’ Silicon Valley innovation center, to begin offering Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) to fleet management users. LAANC approval is now built into the mission-planning capabilities of AirData’s industry-leading flight data platform. LAANC approval, powered by Acubed’s unmanned traffic management (UTM) software, allows AirData customers to operate with near-real-time FAA authorization in thousands of square miles of restricted airspace.

“Providing an intuitive and straightforward method for our customers to attain LAANC authorization is of paramount importance to us,” said AirData CEO Eran Steiner. “We are excited to work with an innovative aerospace partner such as Airbus’ Acubed to provide this service and improve our customer experience by making flying easier, safer, and more compliant.”

AirData is committed to an intuitive customer experience, and the new LAANC approval process integrates seamlessly into the unified AirData fleet management solution. Enterprise customers will be able to easily access LAANC authorization through the existing workflows in their mission planning dashboard.

“We want AirData to be easy to use for all drone operations. Our customers can pre-plan missions, build checklists, set alerts, and populate flight maps in one platform,” continued Steiner. “LAANC authorization is an essential part of safe and compliant operations for commercial drone pilots.”

As an FAA-approved UAS Service Suppliers (USS), Acubed is committed to being at the forefront of innovation. It began its pioneering efforts in the UTM space in response to the rapidly growing need for digital air traffic management. Acubed’s UTM team aims to build the critical infrastructure necessary to allow unmanned aircraft to safely, fairly, and efficiently enter the commercial aviation ecosystem.

“UTM is a fundamental component of a more digital airspace. It is a continually evolving set of services and technologies that are not only used to enable commercial drone operations today, but will grow to support far more advanced operations in the future,” said Scot Campbell, Head of UTM at Acubed. “At Acubed, we rely on partners such as AirData to broaden the commercial reach of our solutions, which provides us critical real-world experience that will help us make the digital airspace of the future a reality.”

The FAA’s LAANC program allows commercial and recreational drone pilots to secure flight approval for restricted airspace. This program covers airspace at 735 airports, providing access to over 78,000 square miles of controlled airspace. Pilots can also request authorization for night operations. AirData and Acubed are thrilled to be able to provide drone pilots with access to these services under LAANC.

Applying for LAANC authorization is seamlessly integrated into AirData’s existing platform. With its robust mission-planning feature set, AirData allows users to create flight plans, mission-specific checklists, and recurring pilot role assignments. Administrator users are able access flight data, maintenance schedules, and compliance documentation. AirData also provides live streaming through a proprietary low-latency live streaming service. This comprehensive fleet management approach allows customers to mitigate risk and manage end-to-end compliance.

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Acubed delivers high-impact solutions to enable the next age of aviation. Acubed was founded in 2015. As the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus, a global aerospace leader, Acubed is building the future of the industry by pursuing high-value, high-impact innovation projects. Acubed’s UTM team, originally known as Project Altiscope, now operates as Airbus UTM to build and develop a suite of products and services for unmanned traffic management.

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AirData is the largest online drone fleet data management and real-time flight streaming platform, serving over 265,000 users with 28 million flights uploaded to date, processing an average of 25,000 flights a day, with high-resolution data stored per each flight. It is used by large fleet operators around the world as a comprehensive flight safety data analysis and crash prevention platform, with advanced maintenance, mission planning, pilot tracking, and easy-to-use live streaming.

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