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Nexcopy Offers Solution to Write CID numbers to Secure Digital Cards

Write a CID value to SD Cards with Nexcopy

Write a CID value to SD Cards with Nexcopy

Nexcopy Releases Solution to Write CID Values and Write Protect Secure Digital Media

By using our Drive Manager software to write the CID value of a card, we are providing a higher level of control and security for our customer.”
— Greg Morris
LAKE FOREST, CA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / -- Nexcopy Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of advanced flash memory solutions, improved their award winning Drive Manager software to include advanced functions when writing to Secure Digital media.

Nexcopy Inc., includes two additional features when writing to Secure Digital media with Drive Manager software. The first additional allows the user to write specific CID values to the memory cards. The second feature allows the user to write protect the memory card so the device becomes read-only.

The two features are used to increase security of the content on the cards. The CID value is often used as a key code to encrypt content on a memory card. The CID value can only be read back through specific vendor commands and sits in ROM (read only memory) on the card itself. The CID value is a hexadecimal value and each card has its own unique value.

The write protect feature improves security by making the SD card read only. Using this type of configuration eliminates the ability of a virus or malware to spread via the memory card. In addition, write protected SD cards eliminates an end-user from deleting, formatting, updating, changing or manipulating the content on the Secure Digital card.

Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy, comments; "The CID field or Card Identification field are values written into read-only memory. These values cannot be changed, manipulated or copied and are key for security and encryption. By using our Drive Manager software to write the CID value of a card, we are providing a higher level of control and security for our customer."

Morris continues, "The write protect function for SD card media is another feature to improve overall security to Secure Digital media. Creating an SD card which is read-only provides the content owner additional security to their intellectual property. Typically the card manufacture sets this configuration at the factory, but with our Nexcopy solution, a business may take control of their production process by enhancing these conrol mechanisms. These features have not been available for in-house production to the general public before and Nexcopy is proud to announce such a solution."

The Drive Manager software is an award winning software suite which provides a long list of features and functions any business, organization or government agency can use to improve their production process. Some of these features include:

# Six copy modes (copy, copy add, device copy, IMG copy and unique data streaming)
# Bit by bit verification
# Copy any file format (FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2-3-4, HFS, proprietary, Etc)
# Read CID values and export to .csv file
# Imaging tool (.IMG) to create binary master image files
# Data collection to extract content off Secure Digital media

Drive Manager software comes free with the purchase of any Nexcopy SD Card Duplicator or microSD Card Duplicator (TF card) PC based duplicator. The Drive Manager software works only with Nexcopy PC based flash memory copiers. Computer based duplicators are required to write CID values, read or extract CID values and set the write protect function. Nexcopy offers life-time technical support and software updates without additional charges.


Nexcopy SD and microSD duplicators are available for immediate shipping. Product uses auto-detect power supplies to accommodate power ranging from 110v to 240v. Model numbers related to the press release include SD160PC, mSD160PC.

In order to write CID value or set write protection Nexcopy Secure Digital media is required. Custom branding for said media is available at no additional charge. Capacity ranges from 16GB through 256GB and meets the Class 10 specification.

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