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Secrets to Sexual Health and Intimate Hygiene for High Value Men

Author Denn-Warren Tafah teaches young men the importance of having both regular and intimate hygiene routines

If you implement the tools I provide in the book, you’ll watch your life start to completely turn around.”
— Denn-Warren Tafah
DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2022 / -- Personal hygiene and grooming is commonly overlooked by men due to the misperception that hygiene standards among men are assumed to be less than women. Author, viral TikToker, former athlete, and men’s hygiene specialist, Denn-Warren Tafah, recently released “Boys To Men: Head To Toe And Intimate Hygiene For Guys” to educate men on the importance of proper hygiene. Readers can purchase the new book on men’s hygiene at

Hygiene promotion is essential for everyone in the community to prevent the spreading of illness and disease, but men are often left out in society’s development of hygiene programs. Tafah's book focuses on men’s hygiene from the head to the toe, including tips and recommendations men should apply to ensure a healthier lifestyle for themselves and those around them.

The book covers intimate hygiene tips for men including washing genitals with gentle wash, shaving and manscaping; as well as sexual health hygiene tips such as washing genitals before and after intercourse.

“Proper hygiene is a big part of attracting women, and reduces the risk of infections and diseases for a healthy lifestyle,” said Denn-Warren Tafah. “Many men are completely unaware of hygienic practices like washing intimate areas, preventing body odor, oral health, cleaning underneath their nails, and other things they may not notice but other people do.”

“If you implement the tools I provide in the book, you’ll watch your life start to completely turn around. Smelling good, looking good, and feeling good are huge confidence boosters and will have you excited to get back out in public, make new connections, and achieve your goals.”

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