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Logo for TLR Distribution

A new landscape focusing on the talents’ algorithmic potential while providing the tools needed to grow their brand beyond streams.

Our goal is to help musicians grow and scale their brand quickly and efficiently.”
— Co-founders, Olsen and Manus
WAYNE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2022 / -- TLR Distribution, announced today the launch of their new community driven distribution platform focused on helping independent artists accelerate their careers while facilitating distribution of their music to all digital platforms.

LR has created a simple path for unsigned artists to release their songs to the digital consumer while giving unlimited access to the tools and resources they need to succeed.

The premium platform plans to focus on the artists’ algorithmic footprint while providing a hands-on strategic approach and a means of easy and quick communication with our team. They’re looking to even the playing field so that the only factor to growth for an artist comes down to their own determination: no red tape. Artist’s distributed under TLR will have unlimited access to their exclusive content platforms, playlists, marketing resources and more. Whether it’s about setting up a release, pitching marketing points to DSP’s, marketing, or career advice their artists will have the tools they need to continuously grow their brand. Every artist will have access to their own personal dashboard where they can upload releases, see analytics, and track earnings.

The formation of the company was inspired by the hectic, fast changing climate of the
music industry today. Between social media, an abundance of conflicting information and a
number of people looking to capitalize on an artist’s lack of knowledge, TLR wants to be the light that helps drive sustainable growth. They look to help artists navigate past the cookie cutter distribution and publishing administration platforms by giving artists who are serious about their career real help and support. The company looks beyond just catalog. They look at the quality behind the catalog and how we can help provide real value to the artist.

“Our goal is to help musicians grow and scale their brand quickly and efficiently.” said Co-founders, Olsen and Manus. “We want to solve that intersection between desire and need. The desire of artists wanting to grow their brand and the need for a community of like-minded professionals guiding them along the way will always be our priority.”

The company is founded by Chuck Olsen (Nyack, New York) and Biko Manus (Wayne, New Jersey). The two, who collectively have spent over 8 years in the music
industry, are coming off a deal with Republic Records through their company TUBLife &
Rockstaar Entertainment, along with several individual artist projects and a recording studio (TUBLife Studios in Wayne, NJ - Biko). TLR Distribution marks a new chapter for the two.

TLR Distribution came to fruition over one goal: to help artists at all levels of their career grow. Most distributors make false promises with what they actually do. TLR Distribution is straight to the point: they want to grow with the artist. From pitching releases to DSP’s, making sure all royalties are being collected, providing resources to help improve marketing, helping develop a strategy for releases, artist development, and more. TLR wants to help give the artist a platform to succeed.

● Distribution
○ Get releases to Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and over 200+ partners.
○ All releases are reviewed for pitching to DSP partners.
● Publishing Administration
○ Make sure all royalties owed are collected.
● Licensing
○ License music for use in movies, tv & other media.
● Services & Partnerships
○ Marketing partnerships to offer artists access to the most effective platforms to grow
○ Asset creation for releases, photo & video editing, and more.
TLR Distribution wants to help artists grow. With algorithms dominating music platforms, social media, and a large part of present-day culture; TLR wants to help capitalize on this. If artists are willing to put in the work, they should have access to the proper resources. No more gatekeeping.
In short, TLR can help with:
● Interpreting analytics
● Ad optimization
● Strategy for maximizing the different platform’s algorithms
○ We want to help create algorithmic powerhouses

TLR Distribution
TLR Distribution
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