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Susie’s Meet Me At The Revelations

The Power Of Faith And The Second Coming is Set to Become the Best Gift for Young Souls.

NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , December 5, 2022 / -- Meet Me At The Revelations by Susie Poulose is a tremendous book overflowing with knowledge about faith and how it plays an immensely significant role in dealing with the ups and downs of life. Susie performs a deep analysis of how the Bible is sent down with divine guidance for the people of the earth.

Faith is a building block in changing a man into something completely different and guides him towards the correct path. A roadmap that is crafted with the purpose given by God. With the world drastically changing around us, one cannot overlook the destruction happening all around. Everyone at every corner is suffering one way or the other. With the gradual degradation, the world is becoming a difficult place to survive.

However, the reality of Jesus coming is news that calms worried hearts. It is something to not be forgotten by anyone. And the preparation to meet him should be in motion by the people. The author wants to plant a seed of hope in the hearts of Christians in a demotivating world. She wants to convey the realities to open the eyes of Christians that there is so much to look forward to despite the challenges and hardships. It is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter involving newer journeys and impactful lessons. There is life after death, Judgement day, Heaven, Earth, God’s House, God’s Throne and undoubtedly an entirely new world to come.

The Bible consists of numerous Prophecies, many of which have been fulfilled. It also consists of every story of God’s Prophets, telling the readers a significant lesson to learn regarding how to live life in a way that God and Jesus would love. Revelation is the most powerful book in Bible and takes a deeper dive into everything about the messengers of God. While ignorance may be bliss under certain circumstances but when it comes to Jesus and God, it may not be the right path to follow. On the contrary, inviting Jesus into our homes can change lives to a considerable extent. It can help attract peace, contentment and the will to do what is best for the world.

Susie has written the book to change people’s lives. She has emphasized embracing Jesus with open arms, talking to him, considering him as one’s best friend, and resolving many problems. It will make an individual a winner in this life and the hereafter. With compassion and by putting in every inch of dedication through the book, she wants to help readers prepare to meet their Lord in heaven. A place where they would finally be with him forever. The book is nothing less than a beautiful gift for Christians with the power to change their lives entirely. Regardless of the age group and gender, Meet Me At The Revelation is a must-read for all.

In Jeremiah 1:5, God says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you;

According to God’s purpose, He has called out several men throughout the Bible. And Susie explains in her book how God did it and asked them to stand out. Moreover, the day of the Lord’s second coming cannot be missed. It is undoubtedly a highly significant event in the world’s history. And everyone is waiting eagerly for the day to arrive. The rapid change of the world is no accident, but everything happens for a reason. Satan is on the throne, watching humanity crumble down; life-threatening and infectious diseases are taking over the world, destroying nations. The things that once seemed far-fetched or a dream that would never come true are happening in front of our eyes. Considering this, Susie wants people to read the book and understand the significance of prophecies.

Meet Me At The Revelations by Susie Poulose is an easy-to-read book meant to revive the faith that one day we all will be standing before the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

About The Author:

Susie Poulose is a former student of Revelations, a Critical care unit Nurse, a Legal Nurse Consultant, a member of the Choir group, and a Lector at her Church.

Meet Me At The Revelations is her second book and is nothing less than a beautiful present to the Christians. She was raised in Kerala, South India. A former student of Revelations at Hindustan Bible Institute in Madras, India. Having an interest in Nursing, Susie attended the School of Nursing at Burla Medical College and Hospital in Orissa State, North India. And became a Public Health Nurse.

Looking at the changing life situations, good and bad experiences, her connection with revelations, and how the world is constantly changing, she decided to write this book of Revelations to contribute to Christianity.

Susie Poulose
Susie Poulose
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