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The MTDL Wants an Immediate Prosecution of Nathaniel McGill and Others Sanctioned by the USA for Corruption in Liberia

President Weah of Liberia announced that those sanctioned would be investigated. However, there is no indication of any plan for investigating those involved.

HOUSTON, TX, USA, November 29, 2022 / -- The Movement for the Tenet of Democracy in Liberia (MTDL) wants an immediate investigation or prosecution of Nathaniel McGill, Former Minister for Presidential Affairs, Sayma Syrenius Cephus, Former Solicitor-General, and Bill Twehway, Former National Port Authority Director, Republic of Liberia, sanctioned for corruption. Those three individuals were suspended by President Weah immediately after the United States government sanctioned them for their involvement in corruption. The president announced that there would be a thorough investigation. However, there is no indication of any plan for investigating those involved. The president has an unusual pattern of announcing investigations that never occurred or have no result.

• Madam Makenneh L. Keita, Presidential Special Projects Coordinator, demanded a $5m bribe from South African investors. The president announced that his counsel would investigate the matter instead of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. There has been no result after more than a year.

• In 2020, President Weah set up a committee to investigate the alleged brutality of journalists by the national security forces. The president’s adviser, Dr. Laurence K Bropleh, was appointed committee chairman. There is no official result of the investigation.

The president should not use his advisers and staff as prosecutors and judges to go after suspected criminals. Instead, all those sanctioned for corruption by the USA, including senators Prince Johnson and Varney Sherman, must be investigated by the Liberia Anti-corruption Commission or prosecuted by the ministry of justice. Resolving national matters involving corruption, security, and the well-being of the economy fairly and adequately through the appropriate legal authority ensures the people and international community the government’s commitment to providing credible governance or leadership.

In addition, President Weah must take the sanctions imposed by the United States government on Mr. McGill and others seriously. The Global Magnitsky, Human Rights Act, targeted perpetrators of serious human rights abuses and corruption worldwide. The sanctions are in the best interest of Liberia. Also, allowing officials suspected of criminal financial activities to walk away without any investigation and prosecution encourages corruption in the government. MTDL wants the government to fight corruption in the people’s best interest. Corruption is the leading enemy of the people in Liberia.

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