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SiZZmic Transmedia Enrolling Content Creators to a New Training Model in the Multi-Billion-Dollar Metaverse World

metaverse training model, online learning, immersive training, children learning

Children Learning in the Metaverse.

metaverse training model, online learning, immersive training, children learning

Woman Learning in the Metaverse.

SiZZmic Transmedia, Education, eSports, Entertainment, Fine Arts

Robert Lanteigne Founder SiZZmic Transmedia

SiZZmic Transmedia has developed a new Metaverse Training Model and is welcoming content creators in the learning space to help resolve education shortfalls.

Our new Metaverse Training Model is the future way to learn anything!”
— Robert Lanteigne, Founder of SiZZmic Transmedia
CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / -- SiZZmic Transmedia, a family-friendly content creation Metaverse company, announces its new Metaverse Training Model called Entertraining for its Education Category. The name Entertraining is derived from combining two words that are the major parts of the new model, entertainment and training. The new Entertaining model brings a unique and effective way of delivering courses and improving learning, helping to solve some of the major problems with training.

Entertraining It’s an easy and fun 4-step process:
-Choose the training
-Choose a trainer from the list of custom avatars
-Choose the environment you want to learn in
-Start to learn and earn

Vantage Market Research reports that the global Metaverse Education market was valued at USD 4.39 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of USD 32.39 Billion by 2028 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 39.50% over the forecast period.

It is expected that the education category may bring with it the current major problems of online training:
-Low-level engagement
-Quantifying the training effectiveness
-Inadequate training material
-ROI (Return on Investment), meaning the value of the training for the trainee.

The new SiZZmic Transmedia Metaverse Training Model solves these problems in the following ways:
-Creating engaging content
-Measuring Trainee progress in real-time with their AI (Artificial Intelligence)
-Immersive Metaverse training
-Interaction with the content

“Our new Metaverse Training Model is the future way to learn anything! With its immersive aspect, trainees will have a more realistic experience learning their material, and adding the entertainment aspect will help make the learning fun and bring trainees back for more,” said Robert Lanteigne, Founder of SiZZmic Transmedia.

They are starting with art and music courses, non-vocational courses, shorter programs, and lots of material for kids and seniors. Some examples of their courses are: “Make a Living with Art,” “Metaverse Financial Literacy,” “Intergenerational Skills,” and “Helping People with Special Needs.”

They will then be expanding into Corporate Training, Health Care, Media and Entertainment, and Simulations.

Content Creators in the education field are invited to email SiZmic Transmedia with their training content (course) proposal and learn how to enter this expanding arena.

For more information, visit their YouTube Channel,, or email

About SiZZmic Transmedia

SiZZmic Transmedia, founded by Start-Up Entrepreneur Robert Lanteigne in January 2022, is at the forefront of WEB 3.0 as a metaverse company with its global headquarters in Clearwater, FL. They are uniquely creating safe, family-friendly content in three areas: education, sports, and entertainment. They offer cutting-edge, fully immersive virtual reality and semi-immersive augmented reality training with custom-made haptic devices for many industries and fields in the metaverse, such as glass blowing, welding, sailing, handyman, jewelry design, disaster response, and more. As certified metaverse developers, they are also hosting development meet-ups, workshops, and conferences and producing virtual trade shows. Creation is in their DNA.

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Sizzmic Transmedia
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