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CXC Global listed in top Global Employer of Record providers for Nelson Hall NEAT Global EOR Report

CXC simplifies how organizations and candidates connect compliantly and efficiently.

We enable companies to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency and risk, while reducing costs.

As companies look to engage independent and self-employed contractors through sourcing channels and talent clouds, CXC Comply assists with the complex classification issues involved with engaging contractors.

As companies look to engage independent and self-employed contractors through sourcing channels and talent clouds, CXC Comply assists with the complex classification issues involved with engaging contractors.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / -- Each year, renowned workforce research analysts, Nelson Hall, publish a Global Employer of Record Services report that provides a comprehensive global market analysis.

CXC Global is honored to have once again participated in the survey, and to be profiled in the 2022 Global Employer of Record Services market study as one of the featured vendors, and recognized as top players in the global landscape.

Part of CXC’s mission is to educate and assist companies around the world to compliantly engage, pay and manage their workforces. With the expansion of the hybrid workforce and remote models, our solutions have grown to include employed and self-employed workers, SOW, independent contractors, corp. to corp and sole traders.

CXC has been expanding its local and global reach, increasing headcount, including compliance specialists, technology advancements for CXC Comply - compliance platform for contractor vetting, and partnering with companies worldwide to help with their global expansion efforts, by providing workforce solutions in countries where they don’t already have a presence.

The Nelson Hall vendor assessment analyzes CXC Global’s offerings and capabilities as a provider of global employer of record services with a report on service offerings, capabilities, market and financial strengths.

Find out more about CXC Global’s key services:
Global payroll offering management of fully employed remote and extended workers, including compliance risk, tax reporting, and worker payroll in over 100 countries.
Contingent Workforce Management: including human resource management of an organization's contingent workforce, extended workforce, and remote workers in all countries serviced
• Consulting Services: supporting organizations in all aspects of contingent workforce strategy design and implementation, including MSP services and vendor management
• Global Workforce Compliance with CXC Comply® providing an online SaaS platform and validation processes to screen and classify independent and self-employed contractors in all countries serviced
Talent Sourcing: delivering direct sourcing, technology/IT recruitment, talent pipeline management, and recruitment vendor management

The 81 page report delves into strategies for 2022 and beyond and looks at contributing factors to talent shortages impacted by the great resignation, uncertain economic conditions, the continuation of remote workforces – which they report will likely continue through 2026.

Multi-national organizations continue to be a focus for EOR companies, with the majority focusing on small to medium size businesses, which is a result of a decrease in startup activity in various sectors and a lack of in-house knowledge around global expansion strategy.

The report also covers future of work, technology and funding and their role in the global EOR marketplace.

CXC, remaining a privately owned company, and having been in business since 1992, is proud to be listed among the top vendors globally.

CXC has been championing the global contingent workforce since our inception in 1992. Our strong experience in local and international compliance, payroll and other human resources functions for over 30 years makes us a leader in contingent workforce management. Learn more about our end-to-end solutions and let us know how we can help your business be future-ready.

Kathryn Hopkins
CXC Global
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