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Scientific Dreams of Today Become the Problems of Tomorrow in Medical Thriller Series





Greene's ability to bring the characters, the San Francisco setting, and murder challenges and investigations to life enhances a realistic story that proves hard to put down.”
— Midwest Review
UNITED STATES, December 1, 2022 / -- Genetic manipulation, terrorism and the dark side of capitalism collide in the Erica Rosen MD trilogy, a series of complex and prescient thrillers written by doctor and author Deven Greene. In an age where the scientific dreams of today are tomorrow’s reality (for better or worse), the frighteningly plausible content of these gripping novels is sure to resonate with readers everywhere.

In the first entry, Unnatural, San Francisco pediatrician Dr. Rosen surmises that a mysterious pair of new foreign patients were brought to the United States illegally by their mother, but after discovering that they harbor incredible genetic mutations, she suspects that more is going on. The doctor embarks on an investigation that reveals a secret Chinese experimental human embryonic gene editing program. She soon discovers the overwhelming force that nation’s government poses to the scared mother and her children.

In the next, Unwitting, Erica’s focus becomes the investigation of a suicide bombing at a major league baseball game. Not long after, she receives a cold call from the teacher of a former patient who claims to have a connection to not just the bomber but the entire suicide bomber training program. Before Erica can speak with her, the woman turns up dead, and the only witness is a young autistic boy with limited ability to communicate.

The final entry, Unforeseen, follows Dr. Rosen as she begins to investigate the sudden distance between herself and her trusted assistant Martha, a new physician who seems to be stealing her patients, and the mysterious illnesses some of her patients are developing. The dauntless doctor faces danger which puts her and her loved ones at risk, but she will not quit until a shady drug company is exposed and all the guilty parties are dragged into the light of day.

Greene masterfully crafts a gripping narrative in each novel while simultaneously weaving realistic, nuanced characters.

“Greene's ability to bring the characters, the San Francisco setting, and murder challenges and investigations to life enhances a realistic story that proves hard to put down,” says Midwest Review.

“The narrative voice rings out with a distinctively cool and clinical tone, lending itself well to Erica’s pragmatic, problem-solving personality,” says one Amazon reviewer. “While the doctor may be stiff and formal, her family members each possess unique qualities and distinct temperaments, adding appropriate levity and a generous portion of drama to the narrative.”

"Astute and intelligent, as jaw-dropping scientific and medical thrillers should be, the Erica Rosen MD trilogy is a deceit-filled series laced with action and intensity that will have you reexamining your personal ethics, resetting your passwords, carefully checking all your pockets and hugging your kids the next time you get a chance!"

Erica Rosen MD is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

About the author:

Fiction writer Deven Greene lives in the San Francisco Bay area. Ever since childhood, she has been interested in science. After working as a biochemist, Deven went to medical school and became a pathologist. When writing fiction, the author usually incorporates elements of medicine or science. Deven has penned several short stories. Unnatural, the first book of the Erica Rosen MD Trilogy, is the first novel the author has published. This was followed by Unwitting, Book 2, and Unforeseen, Book 3, which was recently published. Visit

Deven Greene
Deven Greene, Author
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