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Calling on Angels to Join a Rock Star, Lakota Chief and Nonprofits to Win The Race to Save The Wild Horses

Photo by and to view more of her breathtaking work visit:

Woksape ( Lakota for Wisdom), LWH save #25 thus far this year, heading on his freedom ride to his safe forever home and beautiful acreage in Kansas, and to join three other new friends and his new good hearted family.

Beautiful sacred gov branded horses in dire need of rescue today, at the Stroud, Oklahoma Kill Pen, if you can provide a safe forever home for 2, 6, or all 25 please contact the lot and bail them out today!

Love Wild Horses, a grassroots nonprofit is seeking Private, State, and Tribal Land partners to protect & heal grasslands and with the saving of at-risk horses

History and science indicate free-roaming wild horses help reduce wildfires and sustain endangered ecosystems~ So please stop the helicopters and the tax-funded war against these iconic treasures.”
— Dewey Bunnell, Founding Member, of the band America
SAN GERONIMO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 27, 2022 / -- America loves wild horses! Last week more than 300 US and Australian news wires, channels, stations, outlets, and publications aired the press release: "A Rock Star, Oglala-Lakota Chief & Nonprofits Call On Exec Branch to Rescue 99 USFS & BLM Captured Horses from Slaughter"

However, this weekend more than 25 BLM-branded wild horses are in danger in dire need of rescue, threatened with sale and export to horrific slaughter, in livestock sale lots. The swelling flooding of the government-captured Bureau of Land Management branded horses is showing up in livestock kill-pen auctions across the country.

A Stroud, Oklahoma Kill Pen Lot employee shares in their video on Facebook:
"So here’s 8 mustang geldings. This is a different set of 8, they just keep coming in. These just came in this morning and I tagged and microchipped every one of them to go to slaughter just because there are a lot of mustangs on the market and no desire for anyone who would like to home one.” The Stroud lot is demanding $650-$750. bail per horse and sanctuaries, nonprofits, and animal advocates are racing against time to find more safe forever homes and to raise needed funding to save the horses from a horrible fate. These beautiful once free-roaming wild horses deserve to remain free, supported to survive, and treated humanely.

How can this happen here in America, where people love wild horses?

Today, thousands are calling on President Biden and Secretary Haaland to rein in the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service Agencies to protect the native treasures and symbols of freedom from: 1. Unnecessary, removing, incarcerating, and endangering more than 20,000 free roaming federally-protected, healthy wild horses this year from their free and natural habitat, which benefits immensely from the horses' presence and are dangerously decimating the remaining herd populations, and their genetic viability. 2. Sitting on their hands while thousands of the captured BLM branded and USFS wild horses and burros are prey for kill buyers and the slaughter pipeline's profit and export to other countries for inhumane slaughter. 3. And by returning the 70,000+ gov incarcerated back to roam freely and protect our vast grasslands.

The BLM’s excessive removal and warehousing of the horses are costing taxpayers more than $1.9 billion annually, the last of America's wild horses their freedom, and is endangering their survival as a species. The cost for all who love wild horses and wild lands is a price no one can or wants to pay. The tragic loss of freedom and life for the wild horses for the ecosystems and surrounding communities leaves a void desperately in need of healing and restitution.

The BLM plans to remove more wild horses in ten years than remain free on public lands. The roundups are brutal and the horses that survive are stockpiled in crowded wasteland-like facilities. This broken system is causing death and suffering for the horses. Then the BLM invites people to adopt the captured horses for $125. and offers them $1,000. incentive bonus. After one year, the adopter receives a title of ownership for the horse or burro, thereby releasing the BLM to no longer protect the horses or burros, from being immediately dumped for sale in kill pen auctions.

Tragically, this week the USDA reports YTD that 11,941 domestic and wild horses, burros, and ponies were exported for slaughter.

Thankfully, the slaughter of horses is illegal in America, because 80% of Americans stand firmly opposed to the slaughter of horses and don’t condone the slaughter of these or any companion animals.

Many indigenous first nation people revere horses as sacred and as a bridge to connect with spirit and Creator. The wild horses are a magnificent native keystone species that have contributed to sustaining and protecting the grassland ecosystems' flora and fauna from the ravages of climate change and wildfires for more than 10,000 years.

In response to the wild horse crisis, a California based Nonprofit, Love Wild Horses, is seeking land partnerships with owners and stewards of private, State, and Tribal land to partner with and support to save more at-risk horses and to heal and protect the grasslands and surrounding communities from climate change and wildfire impacts and with LWH supported equine rewilding studies. A LWH first supported equine rewilding healing land study began on Earth Day in Northern Nevada. Their vision is to create five studies to help bring science forward as to the positive role wild horses, gift for Mother Earth and humanity.

The Founding member of the band America, Dewey, and his wife, Penny Bunnell, have opened their hearts and home to adopt an at-risk beautiful BLM mustang and named her Noname after their hit song. Dewey and Penny now lend their voices to their audiences and with the not-for-profit Love Wild Horses to empower survival, protection, and freedom for Noname's relations. Dewey, had this to share about their amazing experience, "Our having adopted Noname has been a special thing to realize what wonderful animals they are, and they are an American, iconic species." Dewey Bunnell

The beautiful thought of colorful dust swirling about a herd of wild horses' hooves, gently thundering, swirling movement of their manes and tails blowing in the wind are the essence and making of many great dreams, the inspiration of songs loved by millions of people. "A Horse with Noname” by America and "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones are two greats inspiring profound passion for wild horses.

Some Solutions to Help Include: Stopping the Roundups, Supporting Equine Rewilding Studies, such as Love Wild Horses, Closing US Borders to the export of domestic and wild horses for slaughter by passing the SAFE Act HR 3355 and S 2732, and repealing the Burns Amendment.

Enactment of a safety net for BLM-adopted wild horses to never be discarded or sold to livestock auctions- with imposing of a $5,000. fine for sale to slaughter endangerment.

Jetara Séhart
Love Wild Horses
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Heroes saving wild horses, partnering in a Love Wild Horses Supported Equine ReWilding, Wildfire & Climate Change Mitigation, Healing Land Study! #HappyHorses