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SongStarz - Bringing Songwriting to Schools with the Launch of 2 New FREE!* 'Feel Good' Musicals for 2023.

SongStarz - Audition Show

SongStarz - Audition Show

SongStarz Beginnings - The Musical

SongStarz Beginnings - The Musical

SongStarz - The Musical

SongStarz - The Musical

SongStarz Beginnings Books

SongStarz Beginnings Books

SongStarz MYRIAD Book Promo

SongStarz MYRIAD

SongStarz launch 2 new FREE!* 'Feel Good' Musicals for Schools for 2023: 'SongStarz - Audition Show' and 'SongStarz Beginnings - The Musical'.

'You can if you think you can' - Cass Tyler/Lily Diggins - SongStarz MYRIAD”
— F.J.Lily
LONDON, ENGLAND, November 29, 2022 / -- Following the Success of 'SongStarz – The Musical' by F.J.Lily, SongStarz are launching 2 new FREE* Musicals for Schools for 2023.

In recognition of the positive impact of Arts participation on wellbeing, SongStarz are waiving licences fees for schools in 2023 for their 'feel good' musicals.

They are also asking schools to offer audience tickets to the show for FREE! with voluntary donations taken on performance nights to go to a registered local charity chosen by the school.

The aim is that schools get to stage a musical in 2023 without having to pay a performance licence, students can participate in shows without worrying whether or not friends and family can afford to watch their performance, and community charities are supported.

About The SongStarz Musicals:

'SongStarz – Audition Show' adapted by F.J.Lily, gives schools a ‘SongStarz Experience’. A one act show with 3 SongStarz Songs it provides scope and resources (backing tracks and songwriting tips and prompts) to support students to write their own songs and perform them within the framework of elements of the SongStarz story and a scripted SongStarz Audition.

'SongStarz – Audition Show' includes beloved characters Issy, Lola and Cass, a.k.a the Cutie Catz, Gustav Dupont (SongStarz Manager) and Devlin DeSilva (SongStarz Head Judge and Sponsor).

'SongStarz Beginnings – The Musical', is a one act show (with 6 SongStarz songs) adapted by F.J.Lily from SongStarz Beginnings, the first book in the SongStarz series.

'SongStarz - The Musical' is a two act show, adapted by F.J.Lily from the first five SongStarz books. It has 13-18 SongStarz songs (depending on cast size) and also the scope for students to write and perform their own songs.

All musicals include the song 'Freak On' - F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band.

SongStarz musicals were born from academic research on what modern schools need to stage a musical successfully, with the original 'SongStarz – The Musical' being adapted from the SongStarz books and first performed in 2016 to great reviews.

Each musical comes with comprehensive resources including:

• Online platform with all resources.
• Electronic Script.
• Digital/animated backdrops.
• Karaoke Videos of SongStarz songs available online.
• Professionally Produced Backing Tracks.
• Lead Sheets.
• Director’s Pack Including: Staging suggestions, Character Sheets, Suggested props list by scene, Suggested Costume list by scene.

Schools can find out more and register their interest at the SongStarz SCHOOL ZONE -

Review Scripts will be released January 2023.

The SongStarz Series:

With SongStarz already known to thousands of young people and adults who have been involved in productions of SongStarz - The Musical and are fans of SongStarz, the SongStarz series tracks Issy, Lola and Cass, a.k.a, also known as, the Cutie Catz' adventures in SongStarz, the television competition where contestants write and perform their own songs, and where things are not quite as they seem.

Sharing the ups and downs of teenage friendship circles, with a host of quirky characters and a sense of intrigue, SongStarz is a 'spytastic' contemporary series with a retro feel. The series not only keeps its upper Middle Grade/Teen/YA readers enthralled but totally ‘gets’ the interests and essence of today’s teenagers.

Relatable, fun, and fast-paced, the SongStarz series is supported by companion books, songs, music and related media.

"The series not only keeps its upper Middle Grade/Teen/YA readers enthralled but totally ‘gets’ the interests and essence of today’s teenagers. It has the potential of becoming a defining series for this star-struck, social and socially aware, tech savvy generation." - Broadway World

Previous SongStarz Releases:

• SongStarz MYRIAD - The second book in the SongStarz series, now available in ebook format on Amazon.
• The debut single 'Freak On' by F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band is newly released on the SongStarz record label and available on all platforms.
• SongStarz Beginnings (ISBN 978-1-912318-01-8) is available in paperback (£8.99) and in ebook format on Amazon.
• SongStarz Beginnings - Unabridged Version, is also available as an audiobook on Audible, narrated by F.J.Lily.
• Freak On - A 'Cutie Catz' song released by F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band on the SongStarz label.
• SongStarz - The Musical has been available internationally since 2016.

Forthcoming SongStarz Releases:

• SongStarz MYRIAD in paperback and audiobook format, and related songs.
• SongStarz - Truth Hurts in ebook, paperback and audiobook format.

About the creator of SongStarz:

F.J.Lily, a.k.a Fiona Lily (,, began creating SongStarz in 2009.
After studying song writing, F.J.Lily created a virtual girl group to write songs for (The Cutie Catz - a.k.a Issy, Lola, and Cass) and then other virtual acts with different styles and genres, developing the concept of SongStarz and writing the books incorporating the songs, centering on the SongStarz television show. She studied creative writing and adapted the SongStarz books into a musical for schools - first performed in 2016.
Alongside creating SongStarz, F.J.Lily has worked with businesses, the education sector, and the NHS for many years. She lives in the U.K, and, when she’s not working, writing and songwriting she hacks at the brambles in her garden.

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Freak On - F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band