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Pasadena Tree Services To Offer Emergency Services Outside City Limits

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PASADENA, CA, USA, November 23, 2022 / -- A company that has been offering all tree care services in the entire Pasadena neighborhood except emergency services, Pasadena Tree Services, earlier today announced that it is now open for emergency service requests.

“For the longest time now,” said the CEO during the announcement, “Pasadena Tree Services is best known for offering the best tree care services in Pasadena and its suburbs. However, outside Pasadena, the company has not been offering emergency services. Today marks the end of the struggle of homeowners outside Pasadena to get emergency tree care services, as Pasadena Tree Services is now ready to take the emergency services to their doorsteps.”

The CEO revealed that Pasadena Tree Services decided to take the emergency service to the entire neighborhood due to the increased emergency requests from outside the city.

“For the past one year,” said the CEO, “the number of emergency requests outside Pasadena has increased by 25%. Most of these are Pasadena Tree Services clients’ and therefore, after learning that the services were not available for their districts, they were upset. Being a company that understands that the company's success starts with the clients’ happiness, the management knew that emergency services expansion was essential. Luckily, a year later, the process was successful.”

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The CEO noted a few things that were limiting Pasadena Tree Services from offering emergency services outside Pasadena. He then confirmed that all the limiting factors are now solved and settled.

“Pasadena Tree Services has been suffering from inadequate emergency tools and types of equipment for quite a long time,” said the CEO. “Therefore, to make the idea of introducing emergency services in the entire neighborhood a success, more tools and pieces of equipment had to be bought. Luckily, the company had saved enough money, and right now there are more than enough emergency tools in the company’s workshop. These will allow the company to take care of all the requests coming in.”

“A small number of employees were also limiting the company from taking its emergency services to the entire neighborhood,” said the CEO. “It took quite a long time for Pasadena Tree Services to get the right people to add to the team. This is because the company had to take them to the field to be sure about their powers in handling trees. Finally, it was successful and Pasadena Tree Services got every tree care company’s dream employees.”

“Lastly,” said the CEO, “lack of emergency transport vehicles was also a big hindrance to the team taking the emergency services far from Pasadena. Emergency services should be delivered in minutes. Therefore, Pasadena Tree Services had no other option than sticking to Pasadena only when it comes to emergency services. Luckily, that will no longer be a reason for Pasadena Tree Services not offering emergency services in the entire neighborhood, since the company recently acquired 3 brand new emergency vehicles.”

The CEO noted that the company will now be offering all tree care services in Pasadena and the suburbs.

“The introduction of emergency services outside Pasadena fulfills the goal of offering all tree care services in Pasadena and the neighboring districts,” said the CEO. “Therefore, homeowners in Pasadena and the entire neighborhood can now freely place any service booking with Pasadena Tree Services. The company vows to continue giving them the best.”

Pasadena Tree Services offices are located at 624 W Howard St Pasadena, CA, 91103. Homeowners can also place their service requests by calling +1 626-790-1414 or sending an email to

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