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San Jose Tree Service Pros Employees’ Adds One More Certification from On-The-Job Training

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SAN JOSE, CA, USA, November 23, 2022 / -- After many years of training while working, San Jose Tree Service Pros employees earlier today received their certificates.

“After consistently training while still serving San Jose Tree Service Pros for 4 years,” said the CEO during the ceremony, “today, the employees will receive their industry-recognized certificates.”

The CEO confirmed that the employees had other certifications. He added that the urge to start the training program for employees was pushed by the company’s appreciation for more knowledge.

“No employee joins San Jose Tree Service Pros without a degree certificate related to tree care,” said the CEO. “The fact that the company enjoys finding more knowledge to help it maintain its respect as the home of professionals, pushed the company to start the on-the-job training program.”

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According to the CEO, the newly gained skills will help San Jose Tree Service Pros to stand out in a competitive tree care industry.

“No other tree care company here in San Jose or the suburbs has ever had long-term training for its employees,” said the CEO. “This, therefore, means that the new skills that San Jose Tree Service Pros employees have gained will remain unbeaten in the market.”

The CEO revealed that the training was mainly focused on emerging trends in the tree care industry. He added that the company purchased more tools and types of equipment to make the training more effective.

“San Jose Tree Service Pros has been around for more than 20 years now,” said the CEO. “The employees have also been in the industry for over 20 years since they joined the company at the beginning and they had an experience of not less than 3 years before. Since they left school and started working, a lot has changed. New diseases have emerged, easier tree care methods have been discovered and long-term treatments have been discovered for the reoccurring diseases. The training, therefore, focused more on what has emerged since the employees left school.”

“90% of the training would have been in vain if the company didn’t purchase the newly invented tools and types of equipment,” said the CEO. “San Jose Tree Service Pros, therefore, imported the latest tools and equipment from Texas, earlier this year, which have proved to work very effectively.”

The CEO revealed that the training cost the company thousands of dollars.

“For the training to become a success,” said the CEO, “San Jose Tree Service Pros spent
more than $7000 on each employee. It was all worth it since the change in how the employees were handling the trees was noticeable after the first few weeks. Since then, they have been getting better every day and today they are at their best. This has been confirmed by the reduced number of complaints from the employees. In fact, for the last one year, the San Jose Tree Service Pros has received zero complaints and thousands of compliments.”

The CEO urged the homeowners in San Jose and the suburbs to reach out to San Jose Tree Service Pros in case of any tree care service needed.

“To be a beneficiary of the newly gained skills and knowledge,” said the CEO, “homeowners should place their bookings with San Jose Tree Service Pros. The employees will make use of their long-time experience and skills to give the tree owners the best results.”

San Jose Tree Service Pros office is located at 1856 Monrovia Dr, 95122 San Jose, CA. The company can also be reached at +1 650-590-7056 and

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