Ratikant Kanungo - A Philanthropist for students in the present digital era

Ratikant Kanungo Philanthropist

Ratikant Kanungo Philanthropist

Mr. Ratikant Kanungo, an educationist from Odisha, has emerged as one of the leading educationists, and he has a revolutionary vision for technical education.

A person without education is a building without a foundation”
— Ratikant Kanungo

BHUBANESWAR, ODISHA, INDIA, November 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Looking at all the aspects and requirements of the Digital Era, Ratikant Kanungo has added technical education as a subject in his schools and modified the syllabus of his engineering college (Shibani Institute of technical education) as per the demands of the modern World.

New technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and advances in information and computer technology (ICT), are changing the way societies interact, produce and create. Education is the key to success for any country. Ratikant Kanungo, the Odia Businessman and Filmmaker, has an experience of nearly 22 years in business.

These advances present a huge opportunity to improve human welfare and well-being through increased productivity and personalized service programs to fit people’s needs. Ratikant has invested in Education Sector so that students get quality education at low prizes.

Moreover, success in the digital era will require a new set of skills, education systems, and lifelong training programs that need to adapt to give people the means to thrive in this new context and prepare them for the future.

Ratikanta Kanungo said that he had modified the syllabus of his engineering college after looking at the requirements and demands after Modernization and Digitalization. He added that technical education is necessary for students at a young age because it is easy to grasp things at that age.

Technical education promotes human resources development and equips people with skills that enable them to create, develop and establish industries in various areas. It also encourages competition among manufacturers of goods and services, which results in better technologies.

Mr. Ratikanta Kanungo has started a few programs in his schools and colleges, such as 1. Data Analysis All major industries in the modern world rely heavily on some form of data consumption or other. This data could be about the clients or their products. Getting a hold of the data is a relatively easy task, but companies require individuals to organize and interpret it methodically for them. 2. Coding and Programming Even though a job application doesn’t say so, many employers look for these skills in the resumes that come their way. Being good at understanding multiple programs is a set of strong skills that won’t go wrong at all. 3. Project Management A project manager is critical for all technical aspects of a project. Knowledge of many complex systems and programs is required for this. Project managers are supposed to be good leaders, effective at task delegation, and good at dealing with success as well as failure. 4. Social Media Marketing/Digital Marketing Social media or digital marketing is often referred to as content marketing. Students with this skill set can always look for good jobs in public relations firms, web development, or marketing agencies. 5. Technical Writing Many jobs require written communication. These often need people to explain things that are hard to understand. Messages may have to be sent to clients may have to be written and sent out, etc. A technical writing team handles all these jobs.

Good careers can be made out of technical education. An individual can also earn a respectable amount of money and status from a career in technical work. A large chunk of this can be attributed to the modern World, which is gaga over technology and the highly rapid advancements that are made to it.

Ratikanta Kanungo has recognized these problems and emerged as a revolutionary for students in the present Digital Era.

Ratikant Kanungo
Ratikanta Kanungo
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